The focus of this online course is to assist you to become more comfortable with screencasting and its use in your classroom. Not only will we introduce you to the best ways to use screencasting for learning, we'll also explore screencasting tools that won't break the bank (hey, they are FREE) and that you can use no matter what device you are on.

Each aspect of screencasting is explored and suggestions for its use are made. In addition, this course provides you with access to curated content, including books, blog entries, and videos that can extend your learning.

12 CTLE Hours

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Course Module List


  • Be sure to take the time to review the Welcome section materials. One item of interest is the Self-Assessment page. Use it to gauge your knowledge and awareness of key concepts relevant to course content.

  • Another is the online forum you can use to ask questions, and share your creations (ScreencastEDU Commons).

Module 1 - Screencasting for Instructional Purposes

  • In this module, we'll visit some key concepts, including high-effect size instructional strategies. Pairing the right strategy with the technology can make all the difference as to whether your video is going to make a difference or not. We'll also discuss how to best handle assessment.

Module 2 - Screencasting Tools

  • In this module, we'll dig in to a variety of screen recording, a.k.a. screencasting, tools available online. There are many available to you, an almost bewildering array.  We will take a close and friendly look at each of my favorite screencasting tools. Be sure to try them out. Some are free, others may require payment.

Module 3 - Tips & Tricks

  • Wondering how to approach screencasting or where to start? In this module, we'll dive into a few handy tips you can take advantage of that will have you screencasting in no time. 

Module 4- Get Your Digital Badge and Certificate