Online Discussions

During this 3 hour asynchronous professional learning experience, participants will learn the Whys and Hows of engaging students in online and virtual discussions. Integration of Social Emotional Learning Standards will also be included in this learning experience.

3 CTLE Hours

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Course Module List: 

Module 1: Why Create Online Discussions

During this module, participants will interact with resources in order to learn more about why online discussions engage learners, allow learners to recognize and appreciate the perspective of others, and allow learners to share their knowledge.

Module 2: How to Create & Structure Engaging Online Discussions
During this module, we will explore how to create discussions to include rigorous questioning techniques, gather learner's knowledge, and provide the opportunity for equity of voice from all learners.

Module 3: Resources for Continued Learning
During this module, we will explore additional resources to continue the learning.

Module 4: Get Your Digital Badge and Certificate