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On The Same Page...

A Book Club with NYSCATE & MassCue

Date & Time

Nov. 3, 2021

Feb. 9, 2022

May 11. 2022

7-8pm EST


Virtual Meet up.

A zoom link will be sent to participants

Pricing & Registration

$125, includes books and a special gift from NYSCATE & MassCUE

$75 if you want to attend the session, without books included.

Registration closes October 15, 2021

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NYSCATE and MassCUE are partnering together for a year of self-help for educators! Join us as we read Inspirational materials and join together to discuss and share experiences of the school year.

We may even have a surprise visit from the Authors!

About the Books..

The Teacher's Guide to Self-Care: Build Resilience, Avoid Burnout, and Bring a Happier and Healthier You to the Classroom by Sarah Forst

Practical Self-Care Solutions for the Busy Teacher
Do you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and stressed-out much of the time? You’re not alone! But teaching doesn’t have to be this way. Practicing self-care is critical to building resilience and creating a sustainable career as a teacher. In this book, you’ll learn what self-care is and why it’s so important for teachers. Whether you’re a brand-new teacher preparing for your first year in the classroom or a veteran educator realizing you need to take better care of yourself, The Teacher’s Guide to Self-Care will help you create the self-care routines you need for a sustainable career. Plus, learn how to practice self-care while navigating additional responsibilities, such as parenting, graduate school, and a second job.

This inspiring 2018 IPPY gold medal award-winning book presents the idea of your heartprint: The distinct impression an educator's heart makes on students and colleagues during his or her career. For teachers, understand how teacher motivation, teacher-student relationships, and collaborative teaching all affect your career and professional development. For school leaders, discover your impact on staff, students, and culture as you progress in your career. Kanold writes in a conversational manner, offering his own anecdotes and reflections on being a professional teacher, invites the listener to pen their personal reflections and voice, and helps listeners uncover their impact on student learning to foster heart-centered classrooms and schools.

Be Awesome on Purpose: Using reflection as a tool to teach with C.A.R.E. and assess what really matters  by Bonnie Nieves

Be Awesome on Purpose reflects on a decade of observing student behavior and outcomes, adjusting teaching routines, and eventually all aspects of classroom culture. The stories shared here will inspire you to try new things and realize that what you may consider your classroom failures are simply your growing pains. You will gain strategies focused on how to include the foundational work of weaving noncognitive skills into your classroom routine in order to engage students in deeper learning activities.

Event Schedule

Self Care

Nov. 3, 2021

7-8pm EST


Feb. 9, 2022

7-8pm EST

Be Awesome

May 3, 2022

7-8pm EST