Microsoft office

This course will teach educators how to get up and running with Microsoft O365. They will learn how to access and navigate OneDrive, upload, create, name, and organize files into folders, share and collaborate on files, the difference between viewing, commenting, and editing a file, and how to get a sharable link to a file.

3 CTLE Hours

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Course Module List


  • Be sure to take the time to review the Welcome section. One item of interest is the Self-Assessment page; use this to gauge your knowledge and awareness of key concepts relevant to course content.

Module 1 - OneDrive Overview

  • In this module, we'll learn about OneDrive. We will gain a better understanding about what OneDrive is, how to access it, as well as the difference between OneDrive and SharePoint

Module 2 - OneDrive: File Creation and Organization

  • In this module, we'll learn how to create, rename, and organize files in OneDrive. 

Module 3 - Collaborating in OneDrive

  • In this module, you'll learn about collaboration in OneDrive. You'll learn how to share a file (view vs edit), add comment to a document, manage sharing, and get a sharable link to a file.

Final Module: Get Your Digital Badge and Certificate