Nearpod is a website and app-based digital tool that lets teachers create slide-based learning resources that are interactive for students to engage with and learn from.

Nearpod can also use gamification of information to make learning more engaging and fun. It is also built to work well with lots of pre-existing tools, such as Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint, and YouTube. Teachers can easily import media to make a lesson quickly and simply using already existing resources. 

This course was designed to introduce you to Nearpod and how to use it successfully in the creation of interactive lessons to use with your students.

3 CTLE Hours

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Course Module List

Module 1: Welcome

Module 2 - Getting Started with Nearpod

Module 3 - Creating Lessons

Module 4- Launching Lessons and Reports

Module 5- Premium Content

Module 6- Final Thoughts and Final Assignment

Final Module: Get Your Digital Badge and Certificate