Impacts of Computing

During this course, you will explore ideas and activities to integrate these standards into any classroom.  These are not stand-alone standards that are done in isolation or by one teacher.  Instead, they are standards that belong in every classroom at every grade level.  Because of that, we need to explore ways to integrate them into our already jam-packed schedules.  This course will help you see how and when you can do that.  

This course intended to provide theory, discussion, and practice. It includes videos and articles to further our learning and examples of practical implementation and testimonies from students.

5 CTLE Hours

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Course Module List

Module 1. Introduction to the NYSED Computer Science and Digital Fluency Standards

Module 2. Defining Impacts of Computing

Module 3. Exploring the Sub-Concepts

Module 4. Resources and Activity Ideas

Module 5. Get Your Digital Badge and Certificate