Google Classroom

This course will teach educators how to get up and running with Google Classroom. They will learn how to access and navigate Google Classroom, create, copy, and archive a class, add co-teachers and students, modify settings to customize their Classroom, post and reply to a post on the stream, understand the difference between posting a material, question, and assignment in the classwork section, and more! 

3 CTLE Hours

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Course Module List


  • Be sure to take the time to review the Welcome section. One item of interest is the Self-Assessment page; use this to gauge your knowledge and awareness of key concepts relevant to course content.

Module 1 - Google Classroom Overview

  • In this module, we'll learn about Google Classroom: what it is and how to access it, as well as what it will look like from the perspective of your students.

Module 2 - Setting Up your Google Classroom

  • In this module, you'll learn how to set up your Google Classroom. You'll learn how to create a new Classroom, copy an existing Classroom, and archive your old Classrooms. You'll also learn how to add your co-teachers and students.

Module 3 - Stream and Classwork Sections

  • In this module, you'll learn the difference between the Stream and the Classwork sections. You'll learn how to create and reply to a post, add materials, post a question, and provide feedback/grades to student responses.

Module 4 - Assignments

  • In this module, you'll learn how to create/schedule/reuse an assignment. You will also learn how to provide grades and feedback on your student's work. 

Final Module: Get Your Digital Badge and Certificate