Digitize Your Content

Digitize Your Content is designed as a practical guide to help teachers start to move their content from the analog world to the digital cloud for hosting in a Learning Management System or Google Classroom. Topics will include pocket scanners, creating instructional videos, infographics, and hyper docs.

15 CTLE Hours

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Course Module List


Learn about Canvas, review the course information, and introduce yourself. 

Module One: Digitizing Physical Materials 

Move physical content and historical documents to the cloud with the aid of mobile apps. 

Module Two: Instructional Videos

Apply video creation best practices while developing your own short instructional video.

Module Three: Infographics and Hyperdocs

Create visually interesting and interactive digital content. 

Module Four: Final Assignment

Bring together the course topics digitizing physical documents, video, infographics, and hyperdocs into a single lesson plan to represent your learning. 

Module Five: Get your Digital Badge and Certificate