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Conference Committee

The 2021 Annual Conference Committee is comprised of the brightest minds throughout New York State. The team of volunteers work year-round to make sure all attendees have a national-conference experience, right here in NY!

Conference Chairperson

Dr. Amy DelCorvo, NYSCATE

Corporate Forum Chairpersons

Shelley Rossitto, Monticello CSD

Susan Zieres, Sullivan BOCES

Steve Andrus, BT BOCES

Mike Sylofski, NERIC

Fab 5/Masterclass Chairpersons 

Andrew Wheelock, Erie 1 BOCES, WNYRIC

Mary Howard, Grand Island CSD

Entertainment/Hospitality Chairperson 

Jody Butts, Susquehanna Valley CSD

Exhibitor Chairperson

Dr. Deborah Baker, NYSCATE

Keynote Chairperson

Dr. Andrea Tejedor, Highland Falls-Fort Montgomery CSD

Maker Event Chairpersons 

Antonio Scordo, Erie #1 BOCES

Daniel Schneiderman, RIT

Laurie Yager, MORIC

Pat Rapp, Fairport Public Library

Multimedia Chairperson

Mark D’Annunzio, Monroe #1 BOCES

Interactive Worshops & Poster Session Chairpersons

Doreen Pietrantoni, Monroe #1 BOCES

Dana Bowers, Monroe #1 BOCES

Presider Chairperson

Michelle Okal-Frink, WNYRIC

Amanda Hackett, WNYRIC

Program Chairpersons

Dr. Amy DelCorvo, NYSCATE

Mary Beth Guthrie, NYSCATE

Doreen Pietrantoni, Monroe I BOCES

Registration Chairpersons

Mary Beth Guthrie, NYSCATE

Amy Shanahan, NYSCATE

Scholarship Chairperson

Anne Zachmeyer, RIT

Social Media Chairpersons

Jonathan Redeker, Goshen CSD

Mark Giufre, Wildwood Programs

Technical Support Chairperson

Dustin Andrus, BT BOCES

Tim Myers, BT BOCES