Comp thinking

There are so many benefits to adding computational thinking to our classrooms. In this course, we will deep dive into the CT and NSD concept areas of the NYSED Computer Science and Digital Fluency standards. See how you can incorporate these standards into your classroom. These new standards do not have to add more to your plate, but rather will enhance what you already do to support students. Walk away with activities, resources, and a better understanding of the vocabulary of these concept areas.

10 CTLE Hours

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Course Module List: 


Module 1. Introduction to the NYSED Computer Science and Digital Fluency Standards

Module 2. Defining Computational Thinking

Module 3. Exploring the Subconcepts

Module 4. Networks and Systems Design

Module 5. Exploring the Subconcepts

Module 6. Resources and Activity Ideas

Final Module: Get Your Digital Badge and Certificate