Choice Boards

The focus of this comprehensive, online course is to assist you in learning how to create engaging, rigorous, and reflection learning opportunities for learners. Student-focused activities also allow for educators to differentiate and provide opportunities for students to reflect on their learning and the learning process.

This course intended to provide theory, discussion, and practice. It includes videos and articles to further our learning and examples of practical implementation and testimonies from students.

3 CTLE Hours

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Course Module List

Module 1: The What & Whys of Using Choice Boards to Engage Learners
During this module, participants will interact with resources in order to learn more about what Choice Boards and why Choice Boards engage learners, facilitated student-centered classrooms, and student-paced learning experiences.


Module 2: The Hows of Creating Choice Boards to Engage Learners
During this module, we will explore how to create Choice Boards to accommodate all learning styles and needs. The first step is to explore different models of Choice Boards, how to share with students, and how to assess learning.

Module 3: Resources for Continued Learning
During this module, we will explore additional resources to continue the learning.

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