Bitmoji Educator

The emphasis of this course will be on creating a Bitmoji classroom with virtual furnishings. Those can range from rugs to bulletin boards to shelves of library books. Each item in the classroom can be linked to a video or audio recording or a website or activity. Thus, they become interactive centers for learning.

12 CTLE Hours

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Course Module List

Module #1: Why Create a Bitmoji Classroom?

In this module, you will have the opportunity to discover some of the many uses of a Bitmoji virtual space, both as a launchpad for learning and as a personalization strategy.

Module #2: Creating Your First Bitmoji

In this module, you will download the free Bitmoji app and create your account. From there, you will customize your Bitmoji so that it looks like you, and add the extension to your Chrome browser. 

Module #3: Creating the Perfect Space

In this module, we will create your basic classroom, office, or library using Google Slides or Drawings. We will add your Bitmoji, along with basic elements to make it look like a classroom.

Module #4: Bling It Out!

In this module, you will add hyperlinks and audio to your classroom to make it more interactive. You will also learn how to remove backgrounds from elements to make them more realistic. 

Module #5: Sharing Your Creation

In this module, you will learn how to share your classroom as both an image and an interactive slide. You will also learn how you can use different platforms to share your creation with your students.

Module #6- Get Your Digital Badge and Certificate