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Election Timeline

February: Anticipated vacancies are announced to the membership. The Nominating Committee is formed with at least 3 non-board members and one board member to act in an advisory capacity. The main responsibility of the Nominating Committee is to put together a slate of candidates at least equal to the number of vacant positions. The candidate application is posted on the NYSCATE website.

March 15: Applications are due by no later than March 15.

May 1: Nominating Committee Chair informs the applicants of the accepted slate of candidates. 

May 15 -May 31: Electronic voting takes place by all NYSCATE members.

June: Election results are announced during the Board of Directors Annual Meeting and to the membership following the annual meeting.

NYSCATE Board of Director Responsibilities

2021 Open Positions:

  • Western New York Director

  • Central New York Director

  • Capital Region Director

  • New York City Director

  • At-Large Director (2)

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Board of Directors Nomination Rubric

Desired Leadership Skills

  • _____Demonstrates ability to influence and lead others.

  • _____Maintains a strong knowledge base in educational technology for students, teachers, and administrators.

  • _____Fosters technology integration regularly into instructional or professional practice.

  • _____Delivers presentations, media responses or authored articles about technology, integration, curriculum, pedagogy and/or assessment.

  • _____Promotes the ethical use of technology in education. 

  • _____Fosters professional development for others and shows evidence of his/her own continued growth.

  • _____Articulates a vision of how technology impacts curriculum, instruction and assessment.

  • _____Demonstrates experience in planning and implementing new practices.

  • _____Demonstrated leadership in facilitating a large scale educational technology program(s) or project(s).

  • _____Currently holds a leadership position in an organization.

  • _____Promotes an environment where technology is valued and considered integral to teaching and learning.

  • _____Uses social media and related tools for their own professional growth.