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2018 Grant & Award Winners

Grant Winners

Make Storytelling a Cinch with a Robotic Finch!

Pearl River Middle School

Instructional Technology coaches work with teachers to explore how the Finch Robot can be integrated into literacy instruction on the elementary school level.  

Can We Fix it? Yes We Can!

James I. O'Neill High School, Highland Falls/Ft. Montgomery CSD

A team of students investigate local, state, national and global issues and together use appropriate technologies to seek out resources and build a working prototype solving the problem chosen.

Using DNA barcoding to identify the fish of Silver Lake

Perry High School

Students test for the presence of species specific eDNA using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) machines and gel electrophoresis.

Coding with Robotics

Wappingers Central School District 

Seeks to add Cubelets, robotic blocks that when put together make different robots and Sphero robots to challenge students as they develop their coding skills.  

Everyone Can Code

Lancaster Central High School

This grant supports Lancaster High School students as they learn coding using, two Mimetics Jade robots and an iPad Pro to create apps using Apple’s Everyone Can Code curriculum.  

Rap Composition

Oneonta City School District

Elementary school students use iPads and Garage Band engage in musical composition by creating and layering loops for a backing-track to rap lyrics. 

Student investigations in Thermal energy and Force through STEAM integration

Depew UFSD 

Students use a thermal camera, iPad, infrared thermometers, force plates, and interfaces for inquiry-based activities which focus on thermal energy and Newton's third Law.  

STEAM in the Primary Classroom

Hamburg Central Schools 

First grade students use multiple STEAM resources to engage in hands-on learning that requires them to think outside of the box with coding, robotics and critical thinking skills.  

Build Class: Teachers and Students Build a 3D Printer and a Learning Community

Oak Grove Elementary School Wappingers Central School District

Three teams of 6th grade teachers and students interdependently learn together while building a 3D printer and design objects that will support inquiry-based learning in their science class. 

Award Winners

Outstanding Leader

Potsdam Central School District

Through his organization, determination, and drive, Mr. Bennett has been instrumental in helping The Postdam Central School District realize its Technology Vision.  As Potsdam High School Principal and Chair of the District Technology Committee, he has led the development of a three-year District Technology Plan to identify and support the instructional applications of technology; provided leadership in the overhaul of his district’s technology infrastructure; supervised the implementation of a district-wide Digital Citizenship Curriculum; created a parent guide, student handbook, user agreement, and self-insurance plan for the 1:1 program, and developed a comprehensive professional development plan to support instructional staff through this transformation.  

Mr. Bennett works hard to achieve the mission of NYSCATE by leading his building and the district in the integration of technology in the teaching and learning process.  In April 2016 and March 2018, his school district, in collaboration with NYSCATE, hosted Google Summits.  As middle school principal he helped establish the first MakerSpace in the district, in collaboration with the library teacher assistant. He helped author both a NYSCATE and a Corning, Inc. grant to purchase 3D printers for the space and organized a “materials” drive so that the MakerSpace could be stocked with necessary supplies. As high school principal, he has worked to advance our district’s initiation into the world of online learning.  Recognizing that his students need expanded learning opportunities, Mr. Bennett has been a fierce advocate for the creation of online learning. During the summer of 2017, he created the first online credit recovery program in St. Lawrence County, and has been working to establish partnerships with local colleges to offer students low or no-cost online courses.  

The strongest evidence of Mr. Bennett’s long-range technology planning process can be found in the three-year District Technology Plan. This comprehensive plan was identified as a model plan by NERIC and is truly a living document that the District Technology Committee uses to guide its work.    

Lee Bryant Outstanding Teacher Award

Wappingers Falls CSD

Andrew Nikola’s students are becoming lifelong learners with powerful 21st-century skills.  Each day he works to ensure that his first graders are confident in their ability to use technology, achieve new skills and eventually live productive lives.  These opportunities build students’ confidence and capacity in their learning through implementation of technology.  His hard work and diligence provide a technology rich environment for his students. He uses age appropriate learning management systems to bridge the school-to-home connection and provide high quality feedback for his students.    

Andrew’s approach to technology integration works with students who struggle, by particularly helping families provide review time with their learner at home.  Students can discuss learning experiences at home each day, increasing confidence in their ability to learn and eagerness to yearn for more opportunities. Every parent sees and can track their child’s progress which also allows each student to have an audience.  Students are enthusiastic to record and explain their learning through a variety of ways such as videos, drawings, voice recordings and more.  

Andrew’s combined passion for technology and teaching is not limited to working with his students, and he is always willing to ensure they have the best tools and resources available to transform their learning .  He received a grant in 2016 from NYSCATE to create a Mini-Makerspace in his classroom, and has secured over $10,000 to fund STEM, technology and Makerspace projects that directly benefit his students.  These resources empower his students to think critically and work collaboratively as they prepare for 21st-century learning.  Andrew also involves the entire school community as he designed and planned the second annual, Family Code Night at his school. 

Outstanding Superintendent Award

Sewanahake Central School District