CS & DF in the Science Class

Computer Science and Digital Fluency in the Art Class

In this course we will review the basics of Computer Science and Digital Fluency in the arts. This in-depth course will explore creative, fun, project-based art projects and concepts that integrate technology and STEAM learning. We'll explore a range of emerging and classic tools and media that teach the fundamentals and are cost-effective.   

We will cover incorporating the principles of Computer Science, Digital Fluency, and the arts along with how to engage students with creative projects, and then sharing ways to elevate the learning to the next level by adding elements such as collaboration, connection, and community.

This course is worth 3 CTLE Hours

Course Purpose

1. To learn what the Computer Science and Digital Fluency standards are and how they can be used in the art classroom.

2. To learn how to integrate CS & DF into projects for use in any classroom environment.

List of Modules

  • Module 1:  Introduction

  • Module 2: CS & DF in the arts context

  • Module 3: How to integrate CS & DF into any art classroom 

  • Module 4: Exploration of the educational technology

  • Module 5: Creative Introductory Arts Projects

  • Module 6: Intermediate Arts and STEAM projects

  • Module 7: Advanced Arts and STEAM projects

  • Module 8: Elevating CS & DF with art to the next level

  • Module 9: Collecting resources for CS & DF with art

  • Final Module:  Get Your Digital Badge and Certificate

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