Creating Effective Supports

Welcome to the Creating Effective Supports and Scaffolds for ELL/MLL Learners. 

In this course we will provide educators with the understanding on how to make content comprehensible for ELLs/MLLs through webinettes and scaffoling. This course is worth 5 CTLE Hours

Course Purpose

  • Objective 1: Participants will understand how to use home language supports in multiple ways, with students and/or with parents helping their children.

  • Objective 2: Participants will learn about resources available to content area teachers through NYSED.

  • Objective 3: Review the essential elements for creating mini-webinettes in content areas for ELLs.

  • Objective 4: Deepen understanding of scaffolds and supports shared in previous sessions, and explore effective means of implementation.

List of Modules

  • Module 1:  Introduction

  • Module 2: The Why

  • Module 3: Webinettes to support he targeted use of home language

  • Module 4: Ell/MLL Scaffolds

  • Module 5: Final Course Assignment

  • Resources for Continued Learning

  • Final Module:  Get Your Digital Badge and Certificate

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