Human Intelligence Summit

The Human Intelligence Summit

Revolutionize Education in the AI Era

Does your Portrait of a Graduate develop skills that cannot be automated, including Human Intelligence and experiential learning, so students will be competitive in a future where AI and technology will continue to take over jobs?

The Human Intelligence Summit provides a space for stakeholders from across educational service centers, county offices, and BOCES to gather as thought leaders and partners to redesign their educational system for a dynamic, interactive approach to teaching and learning for today and for the future.

The Human Intelligence Summit advocates a shift from knowledge-centric learning to experiential learning. It focuses on the human abilities crucial for the future. These are the pillars of Human Intelligence that unlock students' potential in an AI-driven world.

? Creative Problem-solving

? Critical Thinking

? Adaptability

? Empathetic Relationship-building

? Effective Communication

? Collaboration

The needs of leaders, teachers, and students are more unique than ever. The Human Intelligence Summit can help you stay ahead of the curve and lead the charge in supporting each learner to be prepared for a future where technology enhances human intelligence in the workforce and beyond.

2/29/2024 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Eastern Standard Time
WSHWHE BOCES 267 Ballard Road Suite 5 Gansevoort, NY 12831 UNITED STATES
Online registration not available.