From students to professionals, this resource is designed to empower every reader with a solid and clear understanding of the critical concepts that drive generative AI.From exploring foundational terms such as neural networks and deep learning to understanding the nuances of GANs, this glossary has been curated to offer a structured and comprehensive pathway to becoming proficient in the language of generative AI.


Age of Learning provides mathematics, reading and other foundational literacy for pre-K to 2nd grade students. Utilizing AI-driven interactive entertainment, the company’s applications are able to create engaging and personalized learning paths depending on students’ skills. Along with at-home learning options, Age of Learning also has mathematics and reading curriculums available for classroom settings.


Adobe Firefly is an AI image generator that also allows users to edit the image. “Adobe can make fliers and things for you just by typing in what you're looking for,” he says. This can cut down on presentation or other types of teacher prep, but it can also be a fun tool to explore with students. 



Amira Learning is a virtual learning application created to accelerate young student reading comprehension. Using AI technology, Amira has students read stories aloud and can assess oral reading fluency as well as pinpoint areas for improvement. For teachers and parents, Amira also provides services such as student progress reports and dyslexia risk screening.



This tool from Meta AI research allows people to create a drawing, upload an image of that drawing, and then have that image come to life in animation.




Google’s answer to ChatGPT hasn’t yet caught on in the same manner as the GPT-powered chatbot, but Bard has similar functionality and has been generating interest from many teachers Key knows. It can do much of what ChatGPT can, and that includes generating lesson plans and quizzes, and doing a decent, though far-from-perfect, job at writing anything you ask it to. My take from using this tool is Bard may be a little better than the free version of ChatGPT, yet it can’t quite match ChatGPT Plus, which is powered by GPT-4. 




Blippar’s products combine computer vision intelligence technology and augmented reality to enhance the way students learn in the classroom. The interactive materials bring subjects like geography, biology and physics to a visual space. For example, instead of reading about a volcanic eruption, the system shows students a virtual 3D model of the eruption process.




Using AI technology as a personal teacher, Blue Canoe is an application for students to learn spoken English skills. With its speech recognition, users can engage in speech exercises and receive feedback on specific letter or sound pronunciation. The application offers various avenues for practice at all levels, including opportunities for games and full conversations.



Brisk Teaching is a free AI Chrome extension that integrates directly with your tools like Google Docs.  A cool feature allows you to change the reading level of any webpage.  To save time, consider Brisk Teaching's Targeted Feedback feature, where you can quickly draft specific, in-line, and standards-aligned student feedback.


Canva has Ai built in.  It can lay the foundation for an engaging slideshow presentation.  Canva's Magic Write feature can draft initial word copy for posts, emails, and other written communications.


 Carnegie Learning uses AI and machine learning to help students develop a deeper conceptual understanding of mathematics, English literacy and world languages. The company’s platforms for high school and college-level students employ responsive AI that studies a student’s habits and personalizes the learning experience to help them fully grasp educational concepts.


Century Tech’s platform utilizes cognitive neuroscience and data analytics to create personalized learning plans and reduce workloads for instructors. The AI platform tracks student progress, identifies knowledge gaps and offers personal study recommendations and feedback. Century also gives teachers access to resources and reduces time spent planning, grading and managing homework.

 Chat GPT

A Chatbot developed by open AI.  Based on a large language model, it enables users to refine and steer a conversation towards a desired length, format, style, level of detail, and language.


 Cognii makes AI-based products for K-12 and higher education institutions, as well as corporate training organizations. Its virtual learning assistant employs conversational technology to guide students in open-format responses that improve critical-thinking skills. The assistant also provides real-time feedback, one-on-one tutoring and is customized to each student’s needs.


Conker is brought to you by Mote Technologies.  It is a quiz builder that harnesses AI to generate quizzes quickly with varied question types to keep students engaged.  Teachers can you Conker to automate quiz creation with AI.  Choose from ready-made, standards-aligned assessments.


Copilot is a Microsoft tools which gives you a first draft to edit and iterate on.


Curipod is an interactive presentation tool for making lessons.  One can create their own lessons or use the AI generator to create engaging and interactive lessons and activities (e.g., polls, word clouds and drawings)


Diffit is an AI-based platform designed to facilitate differentiated instruction.


Flint is an AI platform built specifically for K-12 schools, and unlike tools like ChatGPT, it does not use student chat data to train its generative AI model. Use Flint’s prompts to develop classroom activities, complete with handouts and take-home materials.


Kidaptive’s Adaptive Learning Platform (ALP) contains AI algorithms that help educational institutions collect data and increase learner engagement. The ALP platform uses AI to optimally introduce and challenge students based on each student’s perceived strengths and weaknesses. The platform also predicts future academic performance based on underlying patterns and relationships.


Knewton creates adaptive learning technology for higher education. Its program, called alta, helps identify gaps in a student’s knowledge, provides relevant coursework and places students back on track for college-level courses. Alta also helps instructors teach at different educational levels and is currently used for biology, mathematics, psychology and more.


MagicSchool is used by over a million teachers saving hours of time using MagicSchool to help lesson plan, differentiate, write assessments, write IEPs, communicate clearly, and more.


This is a visual whitboard that works with ViewSonic. A teacher can draw a picture on her board and then it will give her images to select from.  Seems to work well with ESL teachers.


Mundo AI is from the Digcit Institute, they model how to learn about the world with the world to create safe spaces for ourselves and others , to solve problems, and ultimately to be a force for good both on and offline.


Otter is an AI transcription service and virtual meeting assistant for the administrative side of teaching.  It can record and transcribe virtual meetings, whether you attend or not.


Querium  uses AI to deliver customizable STEM tutoring lessons to high school and college students. By analyzing answers and length of time for STEM it took to complete tutoring sessions, Querium’s AI gives teachers insights into a student’s learning habits and designates areas in which the student could improve.

Quizizz AI

Powered by the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, Quizizz is here to help you create faster, adapt quicker, and differentiate with ease. With Quizizz AI, your very own personalized teaching assistant, you can create quizzes in under a minute! 

Whether you're looking to create a formative assessment on integers for Grade 6, or a quiz for your AP Physics class, Quizizz AI is with you every step of the way. 

All you need to do is upload a file or paste a link to a webpage, and voila! Quizizz AI will automatically generate questions from this content and create a quiz for you. You can then personalize and enhance the quiz in as many ways as you'd like.


Quizlet is an online destination for studying and learning tools. In 2017, the company introduced as Quizlet Learn, a smart study resource that provides adaptive plans and helps take the guesswork out of what to study. The platform uses machine learning and data from millions of study sessions to show students the most relevant study material.


Riiid Labs, a subsidiary ofRiiid, creates AI-based learning and assessment technologies for implementation into existing applications or as its own platform. The technology’s machine learning capabilities help teachers track student performance and engagement, automate assignment scoring and personalize curriculum needs for each student.


Runway is an image and movie generator that can quickly be used to create engaging videos with impressive green screen and other special effects.  It's designed for teachers looking to make more engaging content for their students.


SchoolAI revolutionizes education for students and educators with its advanced AI platform. Designed to empower, it offers a suite of tools for creating research-backed educational materials and AI assistants that serve as dynamic partners to teachers. It provides a safe, interactive environment compliant with COPPA and FERPA, enabling the launch of specialized AI chats that foster higher-level thinking and adherence to educational standards. With its exceptional customization capabilities, educators can tailor the experience to individual student needs, providing personalized feedback and enhancing learning. SchoolAI is the definitive platform for educators and students, merging technology with education to inspire innovation and ensure safety.


An AI powered presentation tool that helps you create professional, customized presentations quickly and easily.  It utilizes advanced natural language processing to generate high-quality slides based on just a presentation title or prompt.


TeachMateAi provides educators with a suite of AI-powered tools that generate various teaching resources.  It is designed to make teaching prep and other administrative tasks associated with the job easier, so teachers can focus on time with students.


Thinkster is a mathematics tutoring program developed for use on laptops, tablets and desktops. The K-12 platform combines human interaction with AI to provide students with custom programs. The technology tracks work step-by-step and helps students understand why they are correct or where they can improve.