Humble Beginnings

The start of an influential movement

In 1965 the beginnings of NYSCATE, then called New York State Association for Educational Data Systems (NYSAEDS) was formed. At the time, most members were BOCES data processors interested in data systems, computer programing and machine operation.

Even then, the members, mostly math teachers who discovered how BASIC programming could fit well with their curriculum, were eager to meet to share ideas and exchange materials and practices. Talk of networks, teacher training and sharing through user groups and newsletters began to circulate in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Expansion and Growth

A passionate group of eductors evolves with technology.

As computers changed, so did the organization. Until 1976 when Apple was founded, computers were large and very expensive to own. However, the game was changed when the company introduced personal computers that were affordable and accessible.

By 1986, the purposes and mission of the organization shifted and grew as did the advancements in technology. The name was officially changed to NYSCATE. More and more members began to ask: How can computers help educators? How do we train teachers to use new technology to their advantage? What does the future hold for technology in education?

Today and Onward

Looking forward to bringing technology to all classrooms across New York State

Today, NYSCATE’s membership is over 29,000. With the Annual Conference and multiple workshops, summits and other learning services throughout the year, the mission to foster collaboration among educators and administrators across New York State to transform education through technology is still alive and well