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MAY 2023

Book Creator's 10 Ideas to Support Play-Based Learning Over the Summer

The Summer break is right around the corner and although the break from school is very welcome, we can also encourage play-based learning without kids even realizing they are learning. Research shows that play-based learning is boosted when children choose their own activities based on their interests and passions and Book Creator is the perfect tool for them to showcase their explorations, performances and reflections. Kids can record their creative ideas, film themselves acting out scenes, make a cookbook or even keep a journal of the movies and books they enjoyed to demonstrate their learning over summer in a fun way.

Check out 10 ideas to get you started here!

APRIL 2023

Celebrate National Poetry Month and get creative!

Our friends at Book Creator are celebrating with a poetry competition to get your creative spirits soaring and make poetry come alive! 

There are two categories: ages 4-11 and 12-18 and the winners will be decided by Eric Curts and Matthew James Friday. For the young poets, the focus is on a collaborative book to get students creating in a variety of ways encouraging student choice. For older poets, we're focusing on reading poetry aloud to combine writing and reading skills.

The competition will run throughout April and there are some amazing prizes up for grabs. Good luck! 

Discover how your school can take part here

MARCH 2023

Turn your students into authors during Be An Author month!


Be An Author Month happens in March every year, and it’s a celebration of writing! Help students develop literacy skills that will serve them in any subject and see how by creating and sharing books magic can happen.

Here’s what you’ll find on the Book Creator website:

Upcoming webinars from Book Creator: