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Virtual & Augmented Reality Workshop

Date & Time
january 24, 2019

Manhattan College
4513 Manhattan College Pkwy
Bronx, NY 10471
United States

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Includes all materials and lunch

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About this Workshop

You're About to Change Your Reality

We all view the world around us through our senses and our perception s of objects we come into contact with. Virtual and Augmented reality gives us the opportunities to alter or change some of the reality around us and have our brains respond to it. These changes in reality offer us the ability to visit and interact with objects that we may not normally have the opportunity to. Spend the day exploring the different aspects of Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Devices Needed: Please bring with you a smart device to use for the day

Workshop Program

Session 1: What is Virtual and Augmented Reality: Let’s Explore

This session will explore the basics of Virtual Reality. What is it? Where in our culture is it used, and most importantly how does this affect students and possible classroom experiences.

This session is for the beginner and will help build the foundation for the rest of the workshop day for participants.

Session 2: Google Expeditions in the Classroom

Come see the world in a whole new way you never imagined! Within the last few years, Google has entered into exciting world of Virtual Reality! Cardboard is Google’s low cost, fascinating solution that uses low cost viewer hardware combined with a mobile phone to create immersive, rich media experiences. During this hands on session, participants will learn about how the technology works, where it is heading in education with Google Expeditions, and how you can get started with exploring this exciting technology today!

Session 3: Augmented Reality in the Classroom with Aurasma 

Augmented Reality tools allow you to fuse the real world with the digital world. These tools can completely change your classroom experience.  This hands-on session will allow for participants to experiment with tools that can be used to augment your own classroom to create unique experiences for your students. 

Session 4: Extending Reality: A Look into Different Apps for the Classroom

This session will cover basic apps that you can find and use to begin your classroom and personal journey into augmented reality. This presentation will begin with an overview of Augmented Reality and then participants will be guided through various apps that they can use on their smartphones and tablets in the classroom today!

Event Schedule

Virtual And Augmented Reality Program and Agenda

9:00AMRegistration and Set Up
9:30AMWorkshop Overview 
9:45AMSession 1
11:00AMSession 2
12:30Session 3
1:45Session 4
3:00Q & A 

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