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Leadership Mastery: Putting Your Power to Work!

Date & Time
september 20, 2018 -
november 08, 2018

Online Platform
NYSCATE-Online, NY 11111
United States

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Putting Your Power to Work!

Turn Your Focus Outward to Your Team and Those You Serve

Creating the amazing schools our children deserve requires outstanding leadership. Having a vision and goals and relying on other people to help achieve it is one the most challenging tasks any educator can take on - but it's the essence of leadership.

In this online course you'll put your  unique leadership presence to work by focusing on the specific elements of personal and team trust that you need strengthen because without trust little real progress can be made. You'll also identify the important relationships that you'll need to cultivate and develop in order to achieve you vision and goals. 

You'll spend time focusing on one of the most important tools for motivating and influencing others to embrace change -  the change narrative. Of course, no matter how effective you are there will be difficult people and difficult situations to deal with along the way. Learning how to resolve these conflicts and challenges effectively is an important part of your leadership journey. 

Finally, we'll focus on creating, maintaining, and exceeding the expectations of those you serve.

Leadership Mastery: Putting Your Power to Work! focuses on building a more effective and motivated team, organization, or  - classroom.

Event Schedule


1. Managing Yourself/Purpose/Strengths/Tendencies 

2. Trust, Moods, and Team Building

3. Strengthening Relationships

4. Creating and Exceeding Expectations

5. Narratives for Change

6. Grounded and Effective Assessments

7. Dealing with Conflict

      - Self-Care throughout the course

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