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The Leadership Mastery Course Series- The Power of You!

Date & Time
april 12, 2018 -
june 01, 2018

Online Platform
NYSCATE-Online, NY 11111
United States

Pricing & Registration

$299 per attendee

Includes all materials and course platform

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Need Help?

Based on the success of our first online cohort, NYSCATE is excited to, once again, offer Leadership Mastery: The Power of You!. The course will be facilitated by Pete Reilly.

If you’re frustrated because you can’t seem to get your team excited or motivated about anything that’s new or innovative…

If you’re so busy that you’re neglecting to take care of yourself and you never seem to get to the big picture items and projects that you’re excited about because you’re so busy taking care of the dozens of day to day things that sap your energy…

If you’re putting everything you have into your work but you’re beginning to feel that the effort isn’t worth it, and you’re getting a little burned out…

If you’ve got new ideas and approaches but no one seems to care, your voice doesn’t seem to carry much weight with decision makers, and you don’t feel respected or valued by your own team or administrators…

Or if you’re already good at what you do but know there’s more to learn and room to grow…

then your Mission, if you choose to accept it, is over the 7 weeks of the course, to begin cultivating a leadership presence that others respect, trust, and follow, so that you can achieve your vision, goals, and objectives, help others achieve theirs, and create the amazing schools our children deserve.

    • Imagine being able to break through the endless cycle of negative moods, indifference, and resistance that sap so much of your energy.
    • How good would it feel to realize your vision and goals and help others achieve theirs?
    • How exciting would it be to have your team, not just go through the motions, but actually be excited, curious, and own the team’s vision, goals, and objectives?
    • What would it be like to have time to focus on you, and to take care of the parts of you that are essential to being an effective leader?
    • What if you didn’t have to be a martyr for your work?
    • What if you weren’t spending your days putting out fires but could create an environment that allowed you to stay focused on the big picture while dealing with the challenges you face daily with an energized body, mind, and spirit?
    • What if your administration and team recognized your value, heard your voice, and treated you with the respect you deserve?


Leadership Mastery: The Power of You!, is  seven week, CTLE approved, online course, designed with the busy educator in mind. This is a chance to join a cohort of like minded colleagues, a caring tribe with a ‘no colleague left behind’ spirit. We’ll build your confidence and help you discover the powerful leadership presence that is you.

"I found this course to be inspiring and rejuvenating!”

“I loved the personalized attention and immediate feedback!”

"My presence…has a stronger impact than I sometimes recognize, This was a great reminder."

"I gained insight/increased awareness of the importance of how my personal gifts affect others.”

But I’m busy, will I have the time?

“I never expected that it would be this easy to find time to fit in this course. That’s the part I was dreading the most and very rarely did I feel that I couldn’t keep up! I think that’s mostly what made it so valuable for me!?”

This is a specially designed experiential course. The coursework is integrated into your daily routine - so you’re not adding on to what you’re doing, you’re simply doing what you always do - differently.

You’re learning at work, not after it!

 Leadership Mastery: The Power of You!, will be an experience that will:

   •     Deepen your connection with your purpose and calling

   •     Crystalize your values and gifts,

   •     Reveal the blindspots, habits, and limiting beliefs that sabotage your leadership effectiveness,

   •     Identify and strengthen key relationships,

   •     Provide you with tools to deal effectively with challenging people and situations while maintaining the respect and dignity of all involved.

It’s finally time to focus on you. Not on what you know. But on who you are. Because at the deepest level who you are will determine how you’ll lead.

Sign up before April 6 th and receive a signed copy of Pete’s book, A Path with Heart: The Inner Journey to Teaching Mastery.

This sounds great! Can you describe what I’ll be doing in more detail?

We’ll kick off the course with a face to face, virtual Welcome Celebration. This a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues and to prepare yourself for the experiences to come.


Module 1: Noticing, you’ll slow down and begin training your attention to reveal your default leadership dispositions and surface your blindspots - so that you can act decisively and appropriately in difficult situations.


Module 2: Purpose, you’ll crystallize your core values, connect to your larger purpose and passion, and declare why you do what you do, so that you can keep you from getting buried in the day to day details and urgency of the moment.


Module 3: Gifts, you’ll surface and acknowledge your unique gifts and strengths so that you can bring them into your leadership courageously. Your gifts are your superpowers.


Module 4: Tendencies, you’ll find the blindspots, limiting beliefs, and habits that sabotage your leadership effectiveness.


Module 5: Relationships, you’ll identify the key relationships that need your attention and care - and take concrete steps to strengthen them so that others know that you care about them and their concerns.


Module 6: Resilience, you’ll focus on practices to help you embody your values and beliefs, so that you can ‘walk your own talk’ more consistently. You’ll learn to deal with the discomfort of doing things in new ways and forgive yourself when you slip back to your old habits. 


Module 7: Conflict, you’ll embrace new practices to help you deal with difficult people, issues, and situations, while maintaining the dignity of all involved so that you can move beyond stalemates, differences of opinion, anger, indifference, and difficult conversations, to fulfill your vision and goals. 


You’ll conclude the course by completing a Breakthrough Results Blueprint that will serve as a personal development roadmap to continue building leadership mastery long after the course is over.

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