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Game of Chromes-Creative Use of Chromebooks in the Classroom

Date & Time
april 02, 2020 -
may 01, 2020

online platform
on-line, NY 11111
United States

Pricing & Registration

Price is $190


At the first class, participants may choose to register for 1 graduate credit through Worcester State University for an additional fee of $125. All participants, including those who do not opt for graduate credit, will receive a certificate documenting the number of course hours attended.

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Chromebooks are coming….or maybe they are already here.  Whether your school is 1:1 or you have an army of carts, become the king or queen of your Chromebook kingdom.  This workshop will offer a 4 week opportunity for you to set up best practices with your student Chromebooks while creating unique and engaging learning opportunities.  Each week, we will parallel Chromebook activities to each one of the 4 C’s of learning to create a comprehensive arsenal of interactive activities and learning experiences.  At the end of the workshop, your Chromebook savvy will be on a level to which others will bend a knee.


Event Schedule

Weekly Outline:

Session 1: Chromebooks for Communication 

In this session we will explore how to set up best practices for your students with regards to Chromebook use.  We will explore communication tools such as:  

  • Google Meet 
  • Wakelet 
  • Screencastify 
  • Flipgrid 

Session 2: Chromebooks for Creativity 

In this session, we will explore how Chromebooks can be used to activate your students’ creativity. In this session we will explore: 

  • Sketchnotes and Doodling 
  • Explain Everything 
  • Adobe Spark Video
  • Book Creator 

Session 3: Chromebooks for Critical Thinking 

This session will encompass tools that enhance opportunities for critical thinking and problem solving amongst your students. We will explore: 

  • Google Docs – Learning Menus
  • Google Earth
  • Google Slides – Choose Your Own Adventure
  • Image Mapping 

Session 4: Chromebooks for Collaboration 

In this session, we will discuss how students can use Chromebooks to collaborate with classmates, teachers and students all around the world.  Tools explored will be: 

  • Padlet 
  • Google Slides – #Teamtoss  
  • Thinglink 
  • Canva 

 Project Description:   

Those educators wishing to receive one credit from WSU will be creating a Chromebook lesson in each one of the areas related to the 4 Cs. Educators will be responsible for curating the lessons, applying them within their realm and sharing back results to the group. 

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