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EdTech Strategies To Finish the Year Strong!

Date & Time
february 23, 2021 -
march 23, 2021
4:00PM -5:00PM
Pricing & Registration

$49 for a single workshop


$129 for the 3 part Workshop

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This three-part series will explore essential EdTech topics alongside actionable tips and favorite tools. 


February 23, 2021 : Curating Resources for Students

Learn about free and low-cost resources for student consumers that connect to reading, viewing, and listening experiences students have online. In this session, you’ll explore the tools and the strategies for curating content for students.


March 9, 2021: Creation Inside and Outside the Classroom

Learn strategies for supporting students as creators and how to design learning activities for movie making, ebook design, website building, podcasting, and more. In this session, you’ll explore how to support students as creators.


March 23, 2021: Assessment and Collaboration with Digital Tools

Learn about the “value add” of using digital tools for assessment and collaboration with students. In this session, you’ll explore the tools and the strategies for checking for understanding and supporting students as they work together with their peers.

Event Schedule

February 23, 2021 4-5 PM


March 9, 2021 4-5 PM


March 23, 2021  4-5 PM

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