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Edison Robotics + Empathy Based Design Thinking Workshop

Date & Time
april 23, 2020
9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Liz Gallo
online platform
On-Line, NY 11111
United States

Pricing & Registration

Cost $199

Includes Edison Robot for each participant


*Must include home address on registration.  Robot will be mailed to your home.



Refund Policy

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A full day professional development lab. 

Meet Edison (the best education robot ever), practice using Edison, coding and thinking about strategies for teaching in your classroom. Then learn about teaching empathy based design thinking and how you can incorporate it into your classroom right away. 

Every attendee will be mailed an Edison Robot

Participants will have access to:

Edison Getting Started Guide

Designing For Humans Guidebook

Designing For Humans Student Portfolio 

Event Schedule

Participants will receive a Zoom link a few days before the event.  Frequent breaks and a 1 hour lunch will be given to participants.

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