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Edison Robotics and Empathy Based Design Thinking

Date & Time
january 29, 2021
9:00am -3:00pm

Liz Gallo
Virtual Platform
online, NY 11111
United States

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Every attendee will be mailed an Edison Robot Kit & Designing for Humans Guidebook

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Meet Edison, one of the best education robots ever! For this workshop you will receive your very own Edison Robot to keep. Then together we will practice using Edison, coding in 3 different languages great for grades 1 - 12 and thinking about strategies for teaching Edison wherever your students are. 

In the second half of the workshop we will think about empathy based design thinking. You will receive a project planner which will help you learn strategies to incorporate authentic, empathy based experiences into your instruction right away. Helping your students be empathetic to others and work through a process to solve complex problems with others.


Comments from participants:

"This was a wonderful training and the facilitator did a phenomenal job at leading it and engaging with the participants"

"Liz does a terrific job! She was able to effectively transform a hands-on session into a virtual session. The resources shared were great too!"

"Great virtual experience with Liz! She made good use of the tools of zoom - We did breakouts, talked, used the chat, etc.. My first experience with a hands-on workshop done virtually and it was excellent!"


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