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Teq Webinar on SMART Learning Suite

Date & Time
december 02, 2020
3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

online platform
December 2, 3:00 pm -4:00 pm, NY 11111
United States

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Cost is free to members, preregistration required.

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Upon registration, you will then receive a Zoom meeting invite to connect to the webinar prior to the event.  The session will be recorded and available for review for all registered attendees.

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Teq Webinar on SMART Learning Suite

SMART Learning Suite with G Suite for Hybrid/Remote Instruction

December 2 at 3:00 pm ET

Join NYSCATE Corporate Council member Teq at 3 pm ET on Wednesday, December 2 for this engaging hour-long webinar on using SMART Learning Suite with Google's G-Suite.

Learn how teachers can create, organize, deliver and share SMART Learning Suite Online lessons directly from Google Drive and Google Classroom as well as how to use the latest features of SMART Learning Suite to engage students no matter where learning is taking place.

Strategic outcomes: SMART hardware and software provide an unmatched integration experience with G Suite and Chrome OS. You’ll learn how to transform G Suite files into interactive lessons and use Google Drive to organize lesson files. You’ll learn how the intuitive writing/inking experience on your SMART Board is carried over into Chrome applications, including automatic pen recognition, palm/pen/eraser differentiation, and multi-/single-touch gestures.

Join Marybeth Jones of SMART Technologies and Chrissy Rebert of Teq in this interactive session discussing how to leverage SMART and Google applications.


Marybeth Jones, Education Sales Consultant, SMART Technologies

Marybeth supports implementation of SMART products in local classrooms and is a key point of contact at SMART for schools and districts in the northeast, offering advice and recommendations about the placement and purchase of SMART solutions, and professional development. Marybeth brings a unique background consisting of 4+ years of education, curriculum writing, and assessment technology experience, combined with 2+ years in technical sales.

Chrissy Rebert, VP of Global Instructional Solutions, Teq

Chrissy began her career as a Third Grade Teacher in Arizona and has worked with school districts all over the US and Canada, defining best practices and resources, as well as working with product development teams to build a technology pipeline to support districts in successfully achieving their learning goals. As the VP of Global Instructional Solutions at Teq, she is responsible for overall business development and effectively implementing solutions for districts all over the US and working at the state/government level to collaborate on educational initiatives. She supports OTIS -- Teq’s online professional development, instructional solutions, and the effective implementation of technologies offered by Teq to districts education systems globally.



Teachers - Elementary, Secondary, and Special Education

Administrator - Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Principals, Assistant Principals

Directors - Curriculum, Assessment, Technology, ELL

Coaches - Literacy, Technology



If you have any questions about the webinar, please email Sean McDonough at

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