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Securly Webinar: AI + SEL: Supporting New Digital Citizen

Date & Time
november 13, 2019
11 AM to 12 PM

Online Platform
Online, NY 11111
United States

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AI + SEL: Supporting New Digital Citizen

Securly Webinar with Michael Jolley

Director, K12 Safety Operations

Join NYSCATE Corporate Council member Securly at 11 am ET on November 13 for this engaging hour-long webinar on how Artificial Intelligence and Social-Emotional Learning are impacting today's digital citizens.

A safe virtual environment coupled with programs focused on social-emotional learning (SEL), is the approach we all should be driving towards in the new digital environment. From Snapchat to, to the use of burner devices, we look to harness the power of digital tools for educators, particularly AI, coupled with SEL aligned products to give schools, teachers and parents the ability to give their students the freedom they want with the appropriate guidance and safeguards we can provide.


Michael Jolley, Securly's Director of K12 Safety Operations, will present this important topic for attendees.  Mike is an award-winning principal from North Carolina who joined Securly to champion student safety initiatives and drive adoption of SecurlyHome, the K-12 industry’s first parent engagement solution. As a school leader with extensive first-hand experience managing incidents of student cyberbullying, threats of violence, and self-harm, Mike brings the experience and passion necessary to guide school districts on their journey to enhanced student safety using the latest advanced technologies

This session will:

  • Share the approaches to digital citizenship through the lens of student safety and SEL in the digital and virtual world
  • Address digital student safety as a collective effort between school and home
  • Examine the importance of an approach to digital citizenship with SEL-aligned programs and solutions

Audience:  Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Curriculum Coordinators, CTOs, Directors of Instructional Technology, Principals and Teachers

Upon registration, you will then receive a Zoom meeting invite to connect to the webinar prior to the event.  The session will be recorded and available for review for all registered attendees.  Space is limited to 90 attendees.

If you have any questions about the webinar, please email Sean McDonough at



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