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Eduplanet 21 Webinar: Curriculum for 21st Century Learning with Jay McTighe

Date & Time
october 07, 2019
11 AM to 12 PM

Online Platform
Online, NY 11111
United States

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Event is free, preregistration required

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Curriculum for 21stCentury Learning

Eduplanet21 Webinar with Jay McTighe

Join NYSCATE Corporate Council member Eduplanet21 at 11 am ET on October 7 for this engaging hour-long webinar with highly acclaimed education author and consultant Jay McTighe.

In this session, we’ll examine the ideas in McTighe’s recent book, Leading Modern Learning: A Blueprint for Vision Driven Schools (2nded.), for transforming the Standards and 21st-century skills into a coherent curriculum that emphasizes understanding and long-term transfer. The following topics will be explored:


  • Trends that affect modern education;
  • A modern-day curriculum “blueprint” that integrates 21stCentury Skills with academic content;
  • Curriculum Mapping 3.0 – Mapping the curriculum around desired performances rather than simply a scope and sequence of content “coverage;”
  • Technology to support a modern curriculum.

Eduplanet21 provides an innovative software platform to help schools develop a coherent, guaranteed, and viable curriculum. Their enterprise platform focuses on guided unit design supported by content collaboration tools and pre-developed professional development courses. Their unique approach to integrated curriculum design and professional learning allows educators to learn new concepts and apply them directly to instruction. Eduplanet21 is the only licensed Understanding by Design (UbD) software available today.

Audience:  Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Curriculum Coordinators, CTOs, Directors of Instructional Technology, Principals and Teachers

Upon registration, you will then receive a Zoom meeting invite to connect to the webinar prior to the event.  The session will be recorded and available for review for all registered attendees.  Space is limited to 90 attendees.

If you have any questions about the webinar, please email Sean McDonough at



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