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Leadership Mastery: The Power of You!

Date & Time
april 16, 2020 -
may 31, 2020

Online Platform
Online, NY 11111
United States

Pricing & Registration

$299 per attendee

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This online course designed to guide you to become the fullest expression of yourself - the authentic leader you know you can be, so that you can create school environments that are academically successful, rich in humanity, and filled with joy, curiosity, and discovery.


We’ll kick off the course with a face to face, virtual Welcome Celebration. This a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues and to prepare yourself for the experiences to come.

Module 1: Noticing, you’ll slow down and begin training your attention to reveal your default leadership dispositions and surface your blindspots - so that you can act decisively and appropriately in difficult situations.

Module 2: Purpose, you’ll crystallize your core values, connect to your larger purpose and passion, and declare why you do what you do, so that you can keep you from getting buried in the day to day details and urgency of the moment.

Module 3: Gifts, you’ll surface and acknowledge your unique gifts and strengths so that you can bring them into your leadership courageously. Your gifts are your superpowers.

Module 4: Tendencies, you’ll find the blindspots, limiting beliefs, and habits that sabotage your leadership effectiveness.

Module 5: Relationships, you’ll identify the key relationships that need your attention and care - and take concrete steps to strengthen them so that others know that you care about them and their concerns.

Module 6: Resilience, you’ll focus on practices to help you embody your values and beliefs, so that you can ‘walk your own talk’ more consistently. You’ll learn to deal with the discomfort of doing things in new ways and forgive yourself when you slip back to your old habits. 

Module 7: Conflict, you’ll embrace new practices to help you deal with difficult people, issues, and situations, while maintaining the dignity of all involved so that you can move beyond stalemates, differences of opinion, anger, indifference, and difficult conversations, to fulfill your vision and goals. 

You’ll conclude the course by completing a Breakthrough Results Blueprint that will serve as a personal development roadmap to continue building leadership mastery long after the course is over.


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