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Google Tools for Effective Instruction for Students with Disabilities and Diverse Learning Styles

Date & Time
february 03, 2020 -
march 03, 2020

Online Platform
Online, NY 11111
United States

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Each session will include a short reading, collaborative discussion and an exploration of two or more Google Tools.  Also, as part of each session, participants will be asked to contribute to a comprehensive and collaborative collection of lesson plans and ideas that will be shared amongst the group.  The goal is to create a resource to be used by all – both within the course and beyond.

Event Schedule

Online Session 1:  Google Tools for Executive Functioning

Learn how to use Google Tools within Drive and Docs to aid students with tasks that require planning, organization, memory and time management.

Online Session 2:  Google Tools for Differentiated Instruction

Learn how to use Google Tools to create lesson plans that differentiate learning to encompass a variety of different learning styles and academic levels.

Online Session 3:  Google Tools for Multiple Intelligences

Explore the multiple intelligences and learn how to use Google Tools such as Google Slides to diversify your teaching to encompass them.

Online Session 4:  Google Tools for Students with Learning Disabilities

Use Google Tools to create an effective learning environment for students with learning disabilities. Explore a variety of Google Add-ons that can be used in conjunction with Docs, Sheets and forms to help students excel in their learning environment.


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