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Leadership Mastery: The Power of You!

Leadership Mastery: The Power of You! is an online course designed to guide you to become the fullest expression of yourself - the authentic leader you know you can be, so that you can create school environments that are academically successful, rich in humanity, and filled with joy, curiosity, and discovery.

In this online course you’ll:

Identify your gifts and strengths and become more confident in using them.

Surface the blindspots, limiting beliefs, and personal tendencies that sabotage your effectiveness.

Explore and deepen your professional Purpose and Values.

Develop your Resilience and Compassion.

Cultivate your Courage and ability to take a stand when needed.

Create a Breakthrough Results Blueprint which will be a detailed personal and professional development roadmap to guide you when the course is over.

Are you ready to turn up the dial on who you are and stop giving away your power?

Are you ready to say “Yes” to the gifts and power that resides within you?

Are you ready to show those you lead what’s possible for them by living into your own potential?

Are you ready to discover The Power of You?

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Leadership Mastery: Putting Your Power to Work!


Creating the amazing schools our children deserve requires outstanding leadership. Having a deeply felt vision and concrete goals, yet relying on other people to help achieve them is one the most challenging tasks any educator can take on - but it's the essence of effective leadership.


In this online course you’ll learn to:


Put your unique leadership presence to work by focusing on developing trust -  because without it little real progress can be made.


Identify the important relationships that you'll need to cultivate and strengthen in order to achieve your vision and goals. 


Develop a change narrative - one of the most important tools for motivating and influencing others to embrace new initiatives. 


Cultivate your ability to listen to others in ways that build trust.


Manage multiple commitments while avoiding overwhelm.


Resolve conflicts and challenging situations effectively.


Create, maintain, and exceed the expectations of those you serve.


Like The Power of You!, Leadership Mastery: Putting Your Power to Work! is particularly effective because the coursework is integrated into your daily routine - so you’re not adding on to what you’re doing, you’re simply doing what you always do - differently.


You’ll be leading and learning simultaneously!



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Leadership Mastery: Journey Together!


Leadership Mastery: Journey Together! offers you an opportunity to develop your leadership effectiveness by working together with a caring tribe of educational leaders committed to cultivating new leadership practices and  behaviors. Real change and transformation takes time, practice, and support. Traveling this path with others increases the chances of having your good intentions become reality. 


In this online program you’ll:


Commit to practice a new behavior(s) to help you become a more effective leader.


Be assigned a learning/practice partner who’ll you’ll communicate with regularly.

Participate in monthly virtual meetings with a caring cohort of other educational leadership practice pairs, to reflect and share experiences and challenges.


Receive daily and weekly email coaching support and check-ins.


Access a private online discussion group, as well as a members-only web page with learning resources designed to help guide you on your journey. 


LM: Journey Together! offers you an opportunity to be part of a caring and supportive tribe that exemplifies a "no colleague left behind" spirit!


Journey with us for three months or longer.



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