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Promethean Certified Teacher Workshop

Date & Time
march 10, 2021
4:00PM -6:00PM
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The Promethean Certified Teacher Workshop will allow you to learn the foundational tools of the Promethean classroom and how to integrate these tools into your daily instruction to maximize content connections and student engagement.  Within this workshop we will focus on:

  • Element Series Panels and Promethean App Suite - Whiteboard, Capture, Annotate, Screen Share, Spinner, and Timer
  • ActivInspire - Tools (basic and advanced engagement), Resource Library, and Activities 
  • ClassFlow - Instant Whiteboard, Creating Activities, Connecting Students, and the Marketplace
  • Educational Apps - Locating apps in your locker and choosing apps for your classroom
  • Additional Promethean resources - Learn Promethean and Tech Support


Participants will be assessed at each level and will take a culminating quiz at the end to earn their Promethean Certified Teacher badge.

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