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Google Certification Level 2-ONLINE

Date & Time
september 26, 2017 -
september 28, 2017

Online Platform
Online, NY 11111
United States

Pricing & Registration

$85 per participant 

includes Level 2 exam voucher

Refund Policy

Need Help?

This certification is intended for educators who have been actively using Google in their classroom and would like to prepare themselves for employing Google Apps in more depth. This two day on-line session will guide participants through various topics of Google to help become more proficient with the  applications that extend beyond the basics of Google level 1. Each three hour on-line session will be comprised of a 1-hour virtual session and 2 hours of asynchronous work with the support of a trainer during that time.  All materials provided during the training will assist with preparing you to take the Google Certified Educator Level 2 examination.

Participants must have a computer to work on during the sessions time with ability to speak during the 1 hour session either by phone or computer. Ability to work between browser windows as well as function asynchronously and synchronously is needed.

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