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ClassCraft Certified Trainer

Date & Time
november 07, 2020 -
november 14, 2020
9am - pm

Virtual Training
online platform
Online , NY 11111
United States

Pricing & Registration

$99 with Annual Conference Registration  

$129 Certification only

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Classcraft helps educators inspire and empower children to reach their full potential by creating engaging, collaborative learning experiences that can easily switch between in-person and remote learning environments. With Classcraft, you gamify your classroom to offer students a learning experience that is culturally relevant and, most importantly, a lot of fun! We also help educators foster a strong community among students and teachers, connect with parents, and offer support to the students who need it most.

Now, more than ever, it’s important that we work together so that every student has a chance to thrive.We hope you’ll join us! We’re excited to work with you to unlock the potential of your remote learning plan and to make your teaching and learning environment as engaging as possible. 

Bootcamp Details: In this two-day boot camp, educators will learn how to use Classcraft to bring your curriculum to life with interactive quizzes, storytelling, and playful features that keep students excited and motivated to learn while making it easier for you to promote positive behavior

Event Schedule

Day #1: Enhance both the teaching and learning experience with this intro session to Classcraft. We’ll develop an understanding of what Classcraft is, how it can gamify your Classroom,  and how to set up a teacher account setup. 

  • Why is intrinsic motivation so important? How can games be leveraged to drive it? 
  • Classcraft basics setting up classes 
  • Goal setting

Day 1 Self-Paced Work: After the live session, participants will continue the learning enrolled in a Quest. Participants will learn how to build lasting engagement using the  Class Tools Suite.  This self-paced assignment will provide theory and examples to assist educators in leveling up their student engagement for remote learning, and how to collaborate with parents to manage home learning environments.

Day #2: Our epic journey continues with Day 2 as participants explore the benefits of personalized learning and the basics of the fun adventure of Classcraft Quests. 

  • Principles of personalized learning
  • Introduction to quests
  • Classcraft  Marketplace &  Story mode

Day 2: Self Paced Work: After the live session, participants will continue the learning enrolled in a Quest. Participants will experience a deep dive into Classcraft Quests as they learn time-saving tips for creating and managing a differentiated learning environment where both teachers and students thrive!


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