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  • 2020 Grant & Award Winners
    Grant Winners
    Innovating Agriculture Through Food Computers
    Chris Regini Half Hollow Hills CSD; Melville, NY

    Students will use the resources provided for this grant to construct personal food computers.  Students will apply the engineering design process and use robotic systems to control and monitor climate, energy, and plant growth inside these growing chambers. They will offer a spectrum of control so that students can make their growing experience as a manual or as automated as they would like while collecting data to further their research and participate in various citizen science campaigns.  

    Accelerated Biology: Turning a challenge into an opportunity
    Thomas Cork Susan E. Wagner High School; Staten Island, NY

    In 2020-21, we will have many students entering 9th grade with prior exposure to Living Environment and a waiver on the Regents exam, but who have not yet attained a full year of mastery in Biology.  With these students, we will be exploring advanced topics in a new class, Accelerated Biology, which reinforces the material from Living Environment while simultaneously preparing them for advanced science classes like AP Biology.  There will be a research focus to increase science literacy.  We hope to increase the technological tools available to these students to move beyond the traditional first-year biology course and engage students in authentic biological inquiry.  To this end, we hope to acquire one set of Vernier Biology GoDirect probes to use throughout the year in whole-class experiments that will explore topics such as photosynthesis, food energy content, enzymatic catalysis, transpiration, fermentation, and human physiology.  By increasing availability of cutting-edge technology, we will increase student performance in these classes compared to our traditional Honors sections and increase AP readiness, thereby providing more access to AP Science courses.

    Engineering Brightness - Empowering Students to Make a Difference
    Anne Mlod and Victoria Calarco Genesee Elementary School and Auburn High School; Auburn Enlarged City School District

    The grant project is a collaboration between Auburn High School Librarian Victoria Calarco, Genesee Elementary School Librarian Anne Mlod, and Engineering Brightness. Engineering Brightness ( is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering students to be active in addressing light poverty issues around the world. It accomplishes this by leading students in the design and creation of 3D printed solar-powered lanterns that are sent to people in countries where safe light is an issue. This year they selected two school districts to be part of a learning cohort; our district, Auburn,  is one of them. We (librarians Anne Mlod & Victoria Calarco) have raised funds from community organizations and businesses for founders John Howe and Tracey Winey to come to Auburn and work with students for three days in October on this project. Our NYSCATE grant request is for $1,974, which covers the cost of the supplies students will use to design and create 50 solar-powered lanterns that will be delivered to people in a country where light poverty is an issue.

    Harnessing the Wind
    Heather Bermingham REACH Academy Charter School; Buffalo, NY

    Harnessing the Wind will provide fourth-grade students with hands-on learning about wind power as an energy source. Students will use KidWind Go Direct Packages to investigate the basics of wind power. After these investigations, students will take what they’ve learned and, in groups of 3, build a 4-foot wind turbine. While the turbine bases will be constructed from PVC pipe, students will be in charge of selecting materials for the turbine blades and making decisions about things like the size, shape, and number of blades as well as installing the generator, hub, and wiring in their turbines. Students will have the opportunity to test their designs throughout the project using a homemade wind tunnel that will be present in the classroom during every session. Each group will keep a journal that includes sketches of the various designs used as well as the results of each test and thoughts about what needs to be changed or not changed. Energy sensors included in the KidWind Go Direct Packages quantify the voltage, current, and energy output of the turbines and integrate with Vernier’s Graphical Analysis 4, software that creates various graphs from the data collected. Students will read and interpret their data as well as compare their data to the data of other groups. By the end of the project, students will be able to support their opinion on whether or not wind power is a viable replacement for non-renewable energy sources.

    Award Winners
    Outstanding Leader Award
    Aaron Straus, MSU, M. Ed. Salamanca City School District

    Aaron is Coordinator of STEAM Education at Salamanca City School District. He earned his undergraduate degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering Technology at Grantham University and Master of Education in Educational Technology at the American College of Education.  Over the course of his career, Aaron taught numerous elementary and secondary courses in robotics, trades and instructional technology.   While serving in Salamanca, Aaron led a taskforce to start the award-winning STEAM Summer School program, "STEAM Camp" and assisted with the design of Salamanca’s state-of-the-art STEAM center,  modeled after a STEM manufacturing firm.  A student of engineering himself, Mr. Straus has been awarded several prestigious honors such as the New York State Society of Professional Engineers Contribution to Education Award and the Margaret Ashida STEM Leadership Award for his work with program innovation.  


    Outstanding Superintendent Award
    Dr. Carolyn McGuffog Greenburgh North-Castle Union Free School District

    My 30+ year career has been devoted to helping children with learning, social-emotional, developmental, and behavioral disabilities. To that end, I earned two doctorates from Teachers College Columbia University, one in Special Education and the other in Psychology. Prior to becoming the Superintendent of Greenburgh North-Castle Union Free School District (GNC), I created highly-regarded, inclusive, special education programs for students with autism spectrum disorder, severe emotional disturbance and learning disabilities. I also created a school-based American Psychological Association (APA) approved psychology internship program and served as a college professor and clinical supervisor. In my private practice, I conduct psychotherapy, neuropsychological evaluations, and educational consultation. I am passionate in my belief that administrators, teachers, therapists, counselors, and paraprofessionals must utilize evidence-based interventions to assure all students achieve optimally. 

    Under my leadership, the four Academies compromising the Greenburgh North-Castle Union Free School District (GNC) have expanded academic, social-emotional, and vocational opportunities for students with emotional, developmental, behavioral and learning disabilities from grade 7 to age 21. In the academic realm, our special education teachers differentiate instruction in accordance with students' learning profiles. Student progress is monitored, and instruction is data-driven. We have added Advanced Placement (AP) courses to our full complement of Regents-based classes, as we strive to challenge our students. 

    In the social-emotional and behavioral realms, our students are explicitly taught social skills and strategies for self-regulation. To that end, we implement components of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS), Restorative Justice, and Trauma-Focused Therapy. These programs provide students with the tools needed for success in life. 


    Outstanding Teacher Award
    Amanda Pacanowski Fredonia Central Middle School

    Amanda Pacanowski currently teaches Grade 8 students, mathematics.  She currently has two sections of math 8, the Accelerated 8th grade students taking High School Algebra, she works with the Consultant Teacher, and teaches a Innovation course focusing on critical thinking and curation.  Amanda has taught all levels 7-12.  She’s also served as K-12 Technology Integrator for her district under a one year grant funded position.   

    Outstanding Teacher Award
    Kristen Magyar Highland Falls-Fort Montgomery CSD

    Kristen teaches STREAM (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Art and Media) classes for students in grades Pre-K - 6th grade. Five years ago she began the development of the program and it has continuously grown to include new and emerging technologies. Today the students at all grade levels learn how to code, conduct research, and create multi-media presentations to showcase their work. When we had to pivot to an emergency remote learning environment last March, Kristen immediately changed her role and became an instructional technology coach to support her elementary colleagues in the new learning environment. She scheduled 1:1 consultations and small group professional learning opportunities with the teachers. She continues in the those role today and also teaches STREAM to the 6th grade students. 

  • 2019 Grant & Award Winners
    Grant Winners
    Autobiographical Portfolios - Beyond the Word Processor
    Karen Monaco Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda School District

    3D Printer to Support the Creation of a Collaborative "Maker Club"
    Margaux DelGiudice-Calemmo Garden City High School

    Humanities : Cross-Curricular Exploration using VR
    Walter Fishon & Laura Moakley Bay Shore High School

    Engraving our Path to Innovation
    Jennifer Hatfield & Khrista Tabak Depew High School

    Can you fit it in a box?
    Tammy Cummings Center for Instruction Technology & Innovation

    Rethinking the Elementary Sandbox with AR
    Shannon Sauder Southwestern Central School District

    Unfathomable Field Trip
    Shawn Christman Cheektowaga Central School District

    Coding Drones
    Aaron Burke Beacon City School District

    Cardboard Creations with Hummingbird Circuits
    Mary Howard Grand Island Central School District

    Award Winners
    Outstanding Superintendent Award
    Mr. Tom Piatti Richfield Springs CSD


    Tom is the Superintendent of the Richfield Springs Central School and the recipient of the 2019 NYSCATE Superintendent of the Year award.

    As Superintendent since 2015, Tom has led Richfield Springs Central School, a small rural agricultural community, as it sets itself apart from neighboring districts through its’ vision and emphasis upon technology in education. He does not distinguish technology and learning as separate or complementary attributes. Tom says “Technology is learning”. Technology by itself has the means to be leveraged to foster our students with a wide variety of rich learning opportunities, which in turn, produces digitally proficient students.


    Outstanding Teacher Award
    Kacie Sandbrook Schalmont Central School District


    Kacie teaches 6th-grade digital literacy, a full year technology course that integrates digital citizenship, literacy skills development, and computer science, at Schalmont Middle School and the recipient of the 2019 NYSCATE Lee Bryant Outstanding Teacher Award.

    She is also the coding club advisor and engineering club advisor and a member of the strategic planning committee and curriculum subcommittee. She has been instrumental in creating the digital literacy program in the middle school and has developed the program from the ground up. She has worked with many other teachers to help with any technology or project-based learning questions they have. Kacie is always willing to help out and she runs many workshops about how to integrate technology into any classroom.  


    Outstanding Leader Award
    Arthur Schouten Wappingers Central School District


    Art is the Director of Instructional Technology, Data, Assessment, Library Media Services, and Technology Education at Wappingers Central School District and the recipient of the 2019 NYSCATE Outstanding Leader Award.

    Since his arrival, WCSD is a leading district in the Hudson Valley with both surrounding districts and higher educational institutions in learning about these initiatives. Art’s contributions to the profession are on-going for he has presented at several NYSCATE events including the annual conference, Hudson Valley conference, and the NYSCATE Smart Schools conference held at SUNY New Paltz. Most notably, his passion and enthusiasm for promoting sound technology usage for instruction is impressive. Since he continually finds ways to support and provide resources for his teachers and colleagues, they are able to utilize technology to improve instruction for the more than 10,000 WCSD students.  





  • 2018 Grant & Award Winners
    Grant Winners
    Using DNA barcoding to identify the fish of Silver Lake
    Todd Shuskey Perry High School

    Students test for the presence of species specific eDNA using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) machines and gel electrophoresis.

    Coding with Robotics
    Cassandra Horton  Wappingers Central School District 

    Seeks to add Cubelets, robotic blocks that when put together make different robots and Sphero robots to challenge students as they develop their coding skills.  

    Everyone Can Code 
    Amy Balling Lancaster Central High School

    This grant supports Lancaster High School students as they learn coding using, two Mimetics Jade robots and an iPad Pro to create apps using Apple’s Everyone Can Code curriculum.  

    Rap Composition 
    Dominick DImperio  Oneonta City School District 

    Elementary school students use iPads and Garageband engage in musical composition by creating and layering loops for a backing-track to rap lyrics. 

    Student investigations in Thermal energy and Force through STEAM integration 
    Joseph D'Amato  Depew UFSD 

    Students use a thermal camera, IPad, infrared thermometers, force plates, and interfaces for inquiry-based activities which focus on thermal energy and Newton's third Law.  

    STEAM in the Primary Classroom 
    MaryBeth Diggins  Hamburg Central Schools 

    First grade students use multiple STEAM resources to engage in hands-on learning that requires them to think outside of the box with coding, robotics and critical thinking skills.   

    Build Class: Teachers and Students Build a 3D Printer and a Learning Community 
    Caitlin McCabe  Oak Grove Elementary School Wappingers Central School District 

    Three teams of 6th grade teachers and students interdependently learn together while building a 3D printer and design objects that will support inquiry-based learning in their science class. 

    Make Storytelling a Cinch with a Robotic Finch!
    Jessica Kearns Pearl River Middle School

    Instructional Technology coaches work with teachers to explore how the Finch Robot can be integrated into literacy instruction on the elementary school level.  

    Can We Fix it? Yes We Can!
    Sheri McNair James I. O'Neill High School, Highland Falls/Ft. Montgomery CSD

    A team of students investigate local, state, national and global issues and together use appropriate technologies to seek out resources and build a working prototype solving the problem chosen.

    Award Winners
    Outstanding Leader
    Mark Bennet  Potsdam Central School District

    Through his organization, determination, and drive, Mr. Bennett has been instrumental in helping The Postdam Central School District realize its Technology Vision.  As Potsdam High School Principal and Chair of the District Technology Committee, he has led the development of a three-year District Technology Plan to identify and support the instructional applications of technology; provided leadership in the overhaul of his district’s technology infrastructure; supervised the implementation of a district-wide Digital Citizenship Curriculum; created a parent guide, student handbook, user agreement, and self-insurance plan for the 1:1 program, and developed a comprehensive professional development plan to support instructional staff through this transformation.  

    Mr. Bennett works hard to achieve the mission of NYSCATE by leading his building and the district in the integration of technology in the teaching and learning process.  In April 2016 and March 2018, his school district, in collaboration with NYSCATE, hosted Google Summits.  As middle school principal he helped establish the first MakerSpace in the district, in collaboration with the library teacher assistant. He helped author both a NYSCATE and a Corning, Inc. grant to purchase 3D printers for the space and organized a “materials” drive so that the MakerSpace could be stocked with necessary supplies. As high school principal, he has worked to advance our district’s initiation into the world of online learning.  Recognizing that his students need expanded learning opportunities, Mr. Bennett has been a fierce advocate for the creation of online learning. During the summer of 2017, he created the first online credit recovery program in St. Lawrence County, and has been working to establish partnerships with local colleges to offer students low or no-cost online courses.  

     The strongest evidence of Mr. Bennett’s long-range technology planning process can be found in the three-year District Technology Plan. This comprehensive plan was identified as a model plan by NERIC and is truly a living document that the District Technology Committee uses to guide its work.    

    Lee Bryant Outstanding Teacher Award
    Andrew Nikola Wappingers Falls CSD

    Andrew Nikola’s students are becoming lifelong learners with powerful 21st-century skills.  Each day he works to ensure that his first graders are confident in their ability to use technology, achieve new skills and eventually live productive lives.  These opportunities build students’ confidence and capacity in their learning through implementation of technology.  His hard work and diligence provide a technology rich environment for his students. He uses age appropriate learning management systems to bridge the school-to-home connection and provide high quality feedback for his students.    

    Andrew’s approach to technology integration works with students who struggle, by particularly helping families provide review time with their learner at home.  Students can discuss learning experiences at home each day, increasing confidence in their ability to learn and eagerness to yearn for more opportunities. Every parent sees and can track their child’s progress which also allows each student to have an audience.  Students are enthusiastic to record and explain their learning through a variety of ways such as videos, drawings, voice recordings and more.  

    Andrew’s combined passion for technology and teaching is not limited to working with his students, and he is always willing to ensure they have the best tools and resources available to transform their learning .  He received a grant in 2016 from NYSCATE to create a Mini-Makerspace in his classroom, and has secured over $10,000 to fund STEM, technology and Makerspace projects that directly benefit his students.  These resources empower his students to think critically and work collaboratively as they prepare for 21st-century learning.  Andrew also involves the entire school community as he designed and planned the second annual, Family Code Night at his school. 

    Outstanding Superintendent Award
    Dr. Ralph Ferrie Sewanahake Central School District

  • 2017 Grant & Award Winners
    Grant Winners
    Mini Projectors for Multiple points of projection
    Timothy Dawkins South Glens Falls School district

    Programming Autonomous Robotic Control
    Bryan Van Vliet Saugerties Central School District

    Lights! Camera! Stop!
    Scott Reichert Anna S. Kuhl School

    VR Digital Storytelling
    Marc hunt Erie 1 BOCES

    It Takes a Village - 3D Printing
    Benjamin Rudd Village Elementary School, Hilton, NY

    3d Printing Cuts Across the Curriculum
    Claudia abate Westlake High School, Mt. Pleasant Central School

    Creative Technologies in the Classroom
    Stefani Trapani Highland High School

    Creating Connections: Cultural Exploration to Digital Development
    Ryan Bane Hamilton Central School District

    Award Winners
    Lee Bryant Outstanding Teacher Award
    Marvin Cadornigara New Explorations in Science, Technology and Math

    In 2004, Marvin Cadornigara moved from the Philippines to New York City to teach in the city’s public schools. He integrated the use of information and communication technologies in his middle school Science classes in order to achieve both new literacies and scientific inquiry skills. He also used social media as platform for lesson and classroom interactions. Students in his Science class investigated ecological ecosystems and biological microsystems and presented their finding using various communication and presentation technologies. They also gathered, analyzed, and synthesized authentic data from various cyber databases and presented them as projects in class. Since 2010, he has conducted 18 workshops on digital literacy and cyber-enabled learning at local, state, and national teacher workshops and conferences. In 2015, he was invited resource speaker during the first National Digital Educators’ Summit in Manila, Philippines.

    Outstanding Technology Leader
    Rocco Varuolo Westbury Central Schools

    Rocco has supported teachers by providing PD that fosters the use of technology integration for effective and efficient work days. He has supported building the libraries’ makerspaces and incorporating STEAM. At the elementary level, he has facilitated the teaching of Dash and Dot, Makey Makey, and Livestreaming events and morning announcements. Across the district, Rocco has provided PD so staff are able to use, upload and navigate the new evaluation system. Rocco uses the budget he is allocated to support technology resources for the classroom, as well as seeks funding from grant writing to support and improve the district and all its initiatives.

    Rocco Varuolo is an amazing leader who worked relentlessly to make Greenburgh CSD a world class school district. He build partnerships, engages families, supports district initiatives all while having a futuristic vision for advancing teaching and learning by integrating technology. Now, in his new role at Westbury CSD he looks to accomplish similar goals.

    Outstanding New York State Superintendent
    DR. RICHARD HUGHES, SUPERINTENDENT Central Valley School District

  • 2016 Grant & Award Winners
    Grant Winners
    Going Green with a Food Computer—A Project with MIT OpenAg Initiative
    Jennifer Hessletine Malone CSD, Malone, NY

    Supporting STEAM with 3d Scanning and Printing
    Corey Flynn Potsdam CSD, Potsdam, NY

    Working Collaboratively to Create, Invent, Tinker and Share
    Andrew Nikola Wappingers Central School, Poughkeepsie, NY

    Computers: Learn What They Can Do From the Inside Out
    Julia Hannibal William Floyd CSD, Moriches, NY

    Explore IOT with Pi: Using Raspberry Pi and GrovePi kits to Invent for the Internet of Things
    Jeff Wekar and Marcy Fountain Indian River School District, Philadelphia, NY

    Elementary Robotics, Coding and Playing with Sphero SPRK
    Mary Anne Milano Voorheesville Elementary School, Voorheesville, NY

    Monkey Bot Sparks Ideas
    Tammy Cummings Center for Instructional Technology, Mexico, NY

    Award Winners
    Outstanding New York State Superintendent
    Robert Horan, Superintendent Schodack Central School District

    Outstanding New York State Education Technology Leader
    Shelly O'Boyle Southwestern Central School District

    Lee Bryant Outstanding Teacher Award
    Michael Drezek Lake Shore Central School District

  • 2015 Grant & Award Winners
    Award Winners
    Outstanding New York State Superintendent
    Dr. Paul Alioto, Superintendent Dansville Central School District

    Outstanding New York State Education Technology Leader
    Darlene Rowsam, Technology Coordinator Copenhagen Central School District

    Lee Bryant Outstanding Teacher Award
    Kristina Holzweiss Bay Shore Middle School

    Grant Winners
    Take a Bite Out of Pi: Using Raspberry Pi Kits to Teach Students Computer Coding
    Jeff Wekar and Marcy Fountain Philadelphia, NY

    Computer Coding and World Languages
    Maria Mullbauer Yorkshire, NY

    Young Global Citizens use STEM Rockets to Aid Nations in Crisis
    Ellen Harp Brighton, NY

    Empowering At-Risk Students in a Blended Learning Lab
    Cassandra Horton Wappingers Central School

    Enhancing Student Learning with iPads
    Amanda Pacanowski Fredonia CSD

  • 2014 Grant & Award Winners
    Grant Winners
    Hands-on Healthy Learning Using iPads and Apple TV
    Joanne Lotter Fredonia, CSD

    Connecting DIY and Literacy
    Megan Cernaro Palermo Elementary

    Physics with Video Analysis
    Jeff Salerno Lakeshore CSD

    3rd Grade Chromebook Pilot
    Aaron Pascucci Urban Choice Charter School

    The Portable Math and Science Lab - Chromebooks and Vernier Labquest 2
    Jesse Fitzgerald Niskayuna CSD

    iPad Partner Power
    Jennifer Kibler Parkdale Elementary

    Award Winners
    Outstanding Superintendent Award
    Scott Connell Copenhagen Central School District

    Lee Bryant Outstanding Teacher Award
    Mary Howard Grand Island CSD

    Lee Bryant Outstanding Teacher Award
    Christopher Kauter Deer Park UFSD

    Outstanding NYS Leader Award
    Janelle Rinker Dansville Central School District

  • 2013 Grant & Award Winners
    Award Winners
    Outstanding New York State Technology Leader Award
    Andrew Wheelock Erie 1 BOCES

    Lee Bryant Outstanding Teacher Award
    Marc Hunt Erie 1 BOCES

    Grant Winners
    Using iPads with struggling readers to improve reading fluency and comprehension
    Lucia Guarnieri Gustavus Adolphus Learning Center

    Game-Based Learning in the Classroom
    Jeffrey Clark Cheektowaga Sloan UFSD

    Movin' Your Bod with the iPod
    Laurel Chiesa Fayetteville-Manlius CSD

    Growing Readers with a Healthy Mix of Daily 5, Cafe and iPads
    Nedra Isenberg Holland Patent CSD

    Google Chromebook Flipped Classroom Becomes a History Lab
    Ronald Kotlik Clarence CSD

  • 2012 Grant & Award Winners
    Grant Winners
    Authentic Scientific Experiences in the Middle School Classroom
    Kristen Howlett & Julianne Chamberlin Clarence CSD

    Enhancing Student Collaboration and Communication with Mobile Projection Technology Using Apple TV & iPads
    Laura Graceffa Poughkeepsie Day School

    Intercontinental Arguements - The Just War Ning
    Nicholas Lawrence East Bronx Academy for the Future

    Lee Bryant Outstanding Teacher Award
    Gabriel Ackert Goshen CSD

    "RED" Hot Technology in the Science Classroom
    Padraic McCarthy Port Jervis CSD

    Award Winners
    Outstanding New York State Technology Leader Award
    Jeremy Luft Ossining CSD