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CCGA Academy: Creative Coding through Games & Apps

Date & Time
august 18, 2017

80 Munson Street
LeRoy, NY 14482
United States

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Includes all material and lunch

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About this Workshop

This 1-Day Teacher Academy provides teachers an orientation to the Creative Coding through Games and Apps (CCGA) course curriculum and an introduction to the TouchDevelop platform and online CCGA tutorials. The CCGA curriculum can be customized to be implemented in all classroom settings and no previous computer science or coding experience is required.
Learn how to inspire your students to discover computer science principles in a fun and engaging way. This hands-on academy prepares you to teach Creative Coding Through Games and Apps (CCGA) curriculum to your students. If you have the opportunity and desire to bring foundational coding skills to your students, this is the workshop for you!


Workshop Takeaways

  • Introduction to TouchDevelop and the span of coding concepts addressed in the course
  • Introduction to all course materials and how to use them
  • Understanding for how to teach Units 1 -6 of the course
  • A detailed roadmap for further preparations that may be needed to teach the full course. 
Event Schedule
Workshop Agenda
Part 1 Morning
  • unpacking the course: resources, outcomes, approach
  • Introduction to TouchDevelop and the CCGA Online Tutorials
  • CCGA and Computer Science: What do you need to know to teach CCGA
Lunch Break                       
Part 2 Afternoon                                    
  • Deep Dive into CCGA Unit 1
  • Jigsaw CCGA Units 2-6
  • Readiness resources to help you  prepare to teach CCGA

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