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Workshop Descriptions and Schedule

Please Note:

Attendees must bring their own technology
Workshop fee is NOT included in the conference fee
Workshops will be held at the Rochester Radisson Hotel
Coffee and danish will be served on Sunday morning
Lunch is provided on Sunday for attendees who register for a combined total of 8 or more hours of pre-conference workshops on Saturday & Sunday.

Workshop Cost*

8 hours of Pre-conference Workshops ($100)

6 hours of Pre-conference Workshops ($75)

4 hours of Pre-conference Workshops ($65)

2 hours of Pre-conference Workshops ($35)

*unless otherwise noted

2017 NYSCATE Pre-Conference Workshops



November 18, 2017

(Printable Version of Schedule)

2 Hour Pre Conference Workshops

11:45 – 1:45


Designing and Teaching a Blended or Online Moodle Courses: How to Do It Right CANCELLED

Ludmila Smirnova – Mount Saint Mary College


There are many ways to approach the design and implementation of a blended or online course. The most simple and direct approach is to employ the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) and various digital media such as gDrive tools, ThingLink, Screencast-o-matic, Glogster, Vocethread, or FlipGrid. Moodle has all the tools and resources to create an engaging and interactive course and combined with other digital media it can be successfully implemented in any educational setting. This presentation will showcase how this can be done.


Virtual and Augmented Reality - Shifting From Consumption Towards Creation

Jennifer Cauthers - Mahopac Central Schools

Brian Cauthers - Mahopac Central Schools


The increase in accessibility of augmented and virtual reality in the classroom has allowed teachers to share engaging experiences with their students. Although, as we delve into the SAMR model of teaching, our goal is for students to be creators of content, not simply consumers. We will teach you tools using augmented and virtual reality that can be used in the classroom to experience places and events that students would not normally be capable of doing in a traditional classroom. Learn how teachers and students can use AR/VR to create and document experiences and events. We will learn apps such as CoSpaces, Thinglink, StreetView, WikiTude, Aurasma, Trnio and others. The session will also show you how to use various imaging tools such as Theta 360, Nikon KeyMission and cardboard camera.


One-to-one on 1:1

Meredith Durta - Carmel Central School District

Alana Winnick – LHRIC


Everytime you talk to someone new in the field of education; it seems like a brand new initiative. These initiatives seem to be all over the place- for some, it seems like old news- for others, it is the unattainable trend- and then there are the nonbelievers. When it comes to 1:1, what is the purpose? Is there only one purpose? Is it effective or responsible to put in place? What grade should this start in? Should devices be used for every single lesson? These are questions that we have all debated, caused some stress, and still, have no answers. This session will provide participants with time to brainstorm, share experiences, expectations, successes, and shortcomings. Who knows, you might even walk away with a whole new outlook on this recent educational initiative!


Connected Toys for Connected Learning CANCELLED

Richard Mathy – Adirondack Central School


Do you have what it takes to program a toy robot to be your own personal Jackson Pollock? Using simple apps, logic, mathematics, and a touch of artistic talent, participants will create take home art that will leave them eager to play with these little robots any chance they get. Starting with simple coding principles, attendees will have to think logically to create a program that will in turn create an actual piece of art to take home and show off! Please download Sphero App.


The Art of Screencasting--Keys to Flipped Learning

Rob Zdrojewski – Oakfield-Alabama CSD & Canisius College


The concept of the flipped classroom wouldn’t be possible without screencasting. Learn how to create “A Digital YOU” by creating screencasts on Chromebooks, Windows or Mac using popular free Chrome extensions such as Screencastify, Loom, Nimbus Screenshot and more. When combined with your favorite digital learning platform, teachers now have the ability to create a 24/7 personalized learning environment, perfect for keeping absent students up to date and fostering a more connected classroom! We will also explore the growing trend of obtaining your Level 1 Certification as a Flipped Learning Educator.


It's All About "YOU"! - A "Crash Course" in Personalized Learning

Liza Gonzalez-Brondou – Central Valley School District

Jennie Tofani – Central Valley School District


Personalized learning structures empower teachers and students to take charge of their education experiences. In student-centered classrooms, students learn at their own pace, in a way that matches their own needs and interests. These resources will show you how to support personalized learning in order to maximize student engagement and achievement. Attendees will be engaged in targeted instruction, collaboration and independent stations. A hands on learning experience lead by two motivated Middle School teachers who firmly believe the true strength in the classroom lies in the collaboration of learners not in the knowledge of one expert.


Fostering Global Awareness and Background Knowledge Creation with Google

Alana Boylan – MORIC

Chris Shaffer - MORIC


This workshop will explore how teachers can harness the power of Google Expeditions, Earth, Arts and Culture, Trends, and Lit Trips to break down the barriers of the classroom walls. Participants will gain first hand experience implementing each of the applications in order to facilitate learning experiences for students that promote global awareness and support creation of crucial background knowledge.



2:15 – 4:15


Hacking the System- 21st Century Students for a Global Society: One district's approach towards sustainable visioning and action plans CANCELLED

Lisa Rudd - NERIC/Capital Region BOCES


How do we put diverse stakeholders together in a room, honor voice, empower, and work collectively towards a common goal? This session serves both as a case study and as a hands on session to illustrate key strategies in developing a comprehensive, sustainable instructional technology plan.


Caution Ahead: Students Take the Wheel

Cassie Horton – Wappingers Central School

Paul Rubeo – Wappingers Central School


At a loss for how to give students control of the wheel of learning? Then this workshop is for you! Come learn several lesson/project ideas that involve your school's STEAM space. From green screen video to create your own virtual reality tour to incorporating coding gadgets, you are sure to drive away with something you are excited about implementing in the classroom.


BreakIN so they can BREAKOUT!

Alana Winnick – LHRIC


Have you heard the buzz about Breakout EDU? Breakout EDU is a revolutionary new platform that brings gaming into the classroom in an entirely different and meaningful way. These powerful games are teaching students essential critical thinking skills, teamwork, and complex problem-solving. The greatest part is that this can be used throughout ALL content areas! In this workshop, participants will be immersed in a Breakout EDU game (both a physical and digital game) and additionally learn what it takes to create their own


Create a Digital Classroom with Google Classroom!

Courtney Sayward – WSWHE BOCES


Blended Learning is an important approach in education. It drives instruction into the 21st century and provides relevant learning experiences for today's students. Google Classroom is a great Learning Management System (LMS) to provide content digitally to students, foster collaboration, prepare students for the future of blended and online education. Participants will create their own Google Classroom, as well as, see several different uses and applications for Google Classroom, explore the mobile app, and check out the new updates and extensions. Bring rosters, some digital content (syllabus, project, prompt, etc.), and GAFE login to the session.


Microsoft Office 365: Unlock Endless Possibilities

Meredith Dutra – Carmel Central School District


This isn’t your parent's Microsoft Office anymore! Come learn about some of the hidden gems that 365 has to offer. Microsoft Office 365 has endless possibilities to instantly transform any classroom or school community. They offer a wide range of tools that help bring out the 4 C’s in any school district. From OneNote to the new Teams, Microsoft is drastically changing the way learning and collaboration can take place. We will explore many tools and uses that teachers, administrators, and students are using in O365 to expand the classroom beyond the walls of the traditional classroom and school day. We will show student work, teachers actual digital classrooms, and district-wide collaboration that has come to transform our district.



4 Hour Pre Conference Workshop

11:45 – 3:45


Engaging and Creative Mobile Video Production CANCELLED

Mark D’Annunzio – Monroe #1 BOCES


The Touchcast and iMovie app are two popular applications out there for mobile video production. Learn how to create professional looking videos for the classroom using these two apps. This workshop will also share practical tips on the basics of video production as well as how to properly and successfully use a green screen. Participants will have a hands on experience and will be able to capture video from the 2017 Maker Faire. Come join the fun in this exciting hands on workshop. **Workshop includes free Maker Faire attendance.




November 19, 2017


2 Hour Pre Conference Workshops

7:45 – 9:45


Self-Motivated Learners: 20Time & Genius Hour

Alana Winnick – LHRIC


Imagine a classroom where students are in charge of their learning, authentically attaching lessons to their everyday life. Natural curiosity, when nurtured properly, leads to the ultimate goal: a life-long learner. Discovering how to lead a student-run classroom will help you shift from the sage on the stage to the guide on the side. The concepts provided in this workshop will give students more freedom over their learning, hence sparking curiosity and increasing innovation and intrinsic motivation. Students in student-run classrooms will have the opportunity and agency to pursue individualized, purpose-driven, authentic learning experiences to enhance their personal and educational lives. Jump on board with active and personal learning We will be discussing the similarities and differences between 20% Time and Genius Hour, and finding the right solution for your student driven learning center!


Implementing, Managing, and Motivating in the Coding Classroom

Gordon Smith - Codesters


Dive deep into the code! Come to this hands-on workshop and leave with everything you need to launch a coding pilot in your school, regardless of your previous experience. You’ll practice assessment strategies and specific protocols that can help you manage a blended learning/ coding classroom. We’ll focus on a few key coding concepts that can help you: 1) Write your own effective code 2) Support your students as they begin to develop serious coding skills! Also, teachers will have the opportunity to explore cross-curricular coding project and understand how we start to integrate coding as a core literacy.


Strategic Planning and Scope & Sequence Development for K8 CS/STE(A)M

Dr. Cameron Fadjo – Lower Hudson Regional Information Center

Sarah Martabano – Lower Hudson Regional Information Center

Leslie Accardo – Lower Hudson Regional Information Center


Are you interested in moving beyond the one-off STEM projects and the enrichment-type coding activities to a more mature and developed CS and STE(A)M curriculum scope and sequence for your district? Tired of picking up 'yet another' cool device only to have it sit on the shelf after time to develop new, exciting lessons with it fades into the background as the more serious daily demands take precedence? Looking for some guidance or feedback from colleagues on how 'they' are defining and instituting their STEM curriculum? If the previous questions resonate with you (even a little bit!) then you will want to join us for our 2-hour workshop on strategic planning around CS and STE(A)M education. We, the directors of the Lower Hudson Computer Science and STE(A)M Academy (LHCSA) at the Lower Hudson Regional Information Center, will guide you through the initial process of articulating a scope and sequence for your own district. Based on the work from the Founding Instructional Cohort of LHCSA, we will help you build upon your initial academic programming foundation in Computer Science and/or STEM/STEAM (depending on how your district/building/department defines it) to devise a strategy for bolstering your existing offerings to reflect a more comprehensive vision. As a group, we will collaborate on the development of multiple scope and sequence documents that are provided by workshop attendees. Additionally, we will provide you with a series of exercises that will help you further articulate, define, and develop your own scope and sequence so that you leave the session being well on your way to building a sustainable K-12 CS and STE(A)M program that is accessible to all students in your district.


Lights, Camera, LEARN

Richard Mathy – Adirondack Central School

Imagine having all the power of a Hollywood studio at your fingertips. Create professional looking, interactive, and engaging content. The TouchCast app will allow you to overlay a video with interactive elements such as maps, photos, polls, quizzes, web-pages, twitter feeds, and much more. Simply by accessing your iPad’s/iPhone’s camera and a “green screen” you will be able to create content, edit, drag and drop multimedia content, and post to a library of ever growing content. Participants will be taken from the storyboard phase all the way through to filming, editing, and posting their very first TouchCast! Come find out how you can help Students and teachers alike unlock their creative side and look like pros in no time. Say goodbye to boring movie days and hello to creating your own exciting content! Please download TouchCast App.


Learn your Apps ABC's - A look at the best apps across the alphabet for your classroom

Laurie Guyon – Schuylerville CSD


Are you ready to try something new and exciting? Do you love to App Smash? Whether you are a beginner to using apps, or a seasoned pro, this workshop will have something for you. Come learn your ABCs with me as we walk through many amazing apps you can use in your classroom. Each app will be reviewed with examples as to how you can use them with your students.


10:15 – 12:15


Amping Up the Chrome Browser: Apps, Extensions and Add-Ons

K. Virginia Bond – NERIC


Want to "Rev Up" your use of Chrome by you and your students? Then find which Chrome tools (apps, extensions, and/or add-ons) will work best for your classroom of districts, for you the teacher, the administrator, the student. This hands-on session will be about exploring ta curated list of resources that have been proven to work in classrooms. Participants will have time to explored highlighted components and then make the connection to their won classrooms and districts, not only for themselves but for their students as well. Areas that will be explored, but not limited to: TTS, visual and motor tools, reading, writing, and math tools as well as organizational tools. (please note: Be sure that your Google domain administrator has given you rights to access the Chrome Webstore and to add products with the device you are bringing.)


Online learning & Virtual Interaction, Apps and Websites

Dr. Cheryl Tisa – Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES


Adding a virtual conferencing piece to online learning enhances the online learning experience not only for the student, but for the instructor. Different ways to virtually interact will be demonstrated. There will be a variety of apps and websites demonstrated. Bring along your laptop, tablet or Smart Phone.


Virtual/Augmented Reality for Everyday Classrooms

Alana Winnick – LHRIC


Find out how to take students on virtual journeys around the globe and even see inside a human heart with Google Expeditions. You'll also discover how Google Expeditions, Aurasma App, Nearpod App, CoSpaces, Blender, QuiverVision and augmented realities can transform your classroom profile. Imagine having never seen SNOW, or the OCEAN, or the GRAND CANYON! With today’s Virtual Reality technology, students can experience this right in the comfort of their own classroom using tools such as Google Cardboard/Expeditions, Aurasma, NYT Storytelling, and more! In this workshop, participants will take a deep dive into Virtual/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) devices and develop a deeper understanding of how both educators and students can learn more about the world around them through this immersive VR/AR

SUNAM09 - Rescheduled

A Road Worth Driving: Benefits of Student-centered MakerEd CANCELLED

Irina Tuule – Eduporium


We consider tech-rich makerspaces to be playgrounds for building 21st century skills. These learning environments, designed with students at the center, help children of all ages develop communication and collaboration skills, self-esteem, and maturity, as well as facilitate pressure-free learning, teach experimentation and risk taking, and help them grow from mistakes. These benefits appear when students are engaged in active learning. However, it’s left up to teachers to create an atmosphere that enables kids to take ownership of their learning in the makerspace. This “delegation of power” is not easy to implement for various internal and external reasons, including the pre-established school environment and the teacher’s pre-existing mindset. In this workshop, we will discuss the challenges and benefits of creating student-centered makerspaces, frequent mistakes made, missing pieces that should be included, and practical steps that can be taken to help educators overcome common obstacles. The hands-on portion of the workshop will provide attendees with a snapshot of what it’s like to build and run a student-centered makerspace in order to give them a firsthand view of the design process. After some thorough reflection, participants will end by creating a personal plan for how to design active learning in a makerspace fueled by partnerships with students.


12:45 – 2:45


Embodied Leadership: A Somatic Approach

Pete Riley


We need effective leaders to bring about educational change. It’s the qualities of authenticity, integrity, courage, inspiration and selfless service that are at the heart of effective leadership, and these qualities are available to everyone. Developing these qualities is called Embodied Leadership. Join Pete Reilly as he introduces a "somatic" approach to embodying these core leadership qualities. A somatic approach simply means including the body in our work together. It is, after all, the body that allows us to take action in the world. And for most of us, there are gaps between what we know or aspire to, and what our bodies are able to do, especially when we’re under pressure. Somatic leadership bridges that gap. Join a cohort of your peers as Pete leads you through somatic practices to help you overcome resistance to change, quickly build and maintain trust, coordinate and communicate more effectively, build an authentic leadership presence, manage, and stay balanced in the midst of adversity and change.


Data Driven Story Telling

Lisa Ruud - NERIC- Capital Region BOCES


We all grew up hearing, reading and watching the telling of amazing stories. From the first time our parents read us The Hungry Caterpillar to the first time we saw Star Wars, these stories had the power to inspire or move us in some way. In fact, most of us have a story to tell when it comes to why we are in education. However, when it comes to talking about data, we rarely look to tell a captivating tale around the numbers. However, telling a story with data can help us communicate a message that is more than just the facts, numbers and charts - it can inspire action and motivate people to tackle real change. This session will walk attendees through a series of activities to develop our skills for how we develop good stories, how we can shape them to fit the audience, and how data can drive the point home in a way that is powerful and impactful.


Life After SmartBoards- Why Interactive Flat Panels are the next big thing!

Rob Zdrojewski – Oakfield-Alabama CSD & Canisius College


Learn how one NY State District decided to utilize Smart School Funds to replace their aging fleet of SmartBoards and Windows desktops with Interactive Flat Panel displays and Chromeboxes in every classroom. More than just a "giant iPad", these panels offer many advantages in cost, display quality and durability. As we push the capabilities of Chromebooks and look to the future of cloud-based computing, the demand to create, store and present our content from anyplace, anytime continues to grow. In this workshop we will explore the evolving benefits of “online presentation tools” that allow teachers and students to create and present their information, without being limited to proprietary Windows software such as Smart Notebook. We will explore the many options that are available. And since they’re all web-based, you are no longer restricted to using a legacy Windows platform. Join us as we embrace the freedom that anytime, anyplace web-based tools can give us!


Digital Breakouts: Another Way to Gear Up Instruction CANCELLED

Jennifer Grassi – Windsor Central School District


Ever feel overwhelmed when you have left a conference and are not quite sure where to start? We have. In this session you will be learning about digital breakouts, benefits to using them in your classroom, and begin creating your own. We will spend roughly the first hour of the session showing different breakouts that we have created and the tools used to create them. The second hour will be an opportunity for you to begin building your own digital breakout with the assistance of two educators. We look forward to your level of excitement and engagement during this session and taking home a tool that will help increase your students' levels of engagement.



4 Hour Pre Conference Workshops


8:00 – 12:00


Can you Breakout???

Courtney Sayward - WSWHE BOCES


Join us to experience BreakoutEDU, the incredibly engaging learning game that is gaining worldwide popularity in schools. BreakoutEDU was inspired by the Escape Room phenomena around the world and is fun for all ages. Games can be used to teach any academic content, as team-building activities, or just for fun! In this session you will play a BreakoutEDU game with other attendees and using teamwork, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, troubleshooting, and communication you will problem-solve to try to beat the clock and break into the BreakoutEDU box. Then you will work on a digital Breakout to solve the clues and breakout in a digital environment. Finally, you will create your own BreakoutEDU game to bring back to your district! Come see why BreakoutEDU has teachers and students so engaged! BreakoutEDU games can be used to teach any subject and encourage teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, and troubleshooting by presenting participants with challenges that ignite their natural drive to problem-solve.


HACKing a Makerspace: A Hands-On Exploration of Making to Think

Travis Wood – Fairport Central School District


Dreaming of opening a Makerspace in your school? Have one open and want to compare notes? Are you simply interested in incorporating more Constructivist and Constructionist thinking into your classroom? Come hear how Northside School in Fairport HACKed together a makerspace for our third, fourth and fifth graders. Hear how our Heroes Actively Construct Knowledge through design/build challenges, coding, and storytelling. Hear what we have learned about our students while we have observed them in the Lab. Walk away with ideas of how you can open your own lab or how you can HACK time in your classroom to allow kids to explore and make meaning. In addition to the presentation of our story, this session will feature over 3 hours of hands-on exploration of the materials we use in the HACK Lab with our students. Specifically, this session will explore building with KEVA Planks, Zoob and assorted materials, coding with Scratch, Turtle Art and programmable robots, and storytelling with stop motion video and Canva.


The Raspberry Pi and the Internet of Things

Richard Harlin – Pine Plains Central School District


The Internet of Things (IoT), is the combination of physical devices, electronics, software, sensors, and actuators with network connectivity. This enables the devices to collect and exchange data and control links with us over wireless links and the Internet. Join us as we explore this emerging technology using the popular and low cost Raspberry Pi computer to tie STEAM concepts and the IoT together. Free documentation and resources will be made available to all attendees.



4 Hour Pre Conference Workshops


12:30 – 4:30


The Changing Role of the Technology Leader

Sarah Martabano – Lower Hudson Regional Information Center

Christopher Nelson – Sewanhaka Central High School District


Today’s Technology Leader is faced with a continually broadening array of diverse responsibilities and challenges that didn’t exist ten or even five years ago. There are very few systems in place across our schools that do not have a primary or secondary connection to technology. This means that our technology leaders must be flexible and adapt to a new normal by ensuring they have the requisite skills and knowledge to succeed in contemporary school districts. If you are in a leadership role in a school district, BOCES, RIC, or at the state, you are likely aware of the changes that have occurred in educational technology over the past decade. Today’s technology leaders need to be visionaries who are able to develop strategic approaches to the design, implementation and support of technology systems. They need to have a deep understanding of the educational environment, professional development, privacy, security, and policy laws, and be well prepared to lead cross functional teams in the decision making process and the implementation of a comprehensive technology plan. The COSN Certified Educational Technology Leader (CETL) certification helps school district leaders build confidence and awareness of their own capacity to successfully lead in contemporary school systems. Participants in this session will be introduced to the COSN CTO Framework and explore their readiness to lead a contemporary educational technology program. Both Chris Nelson and Sarah Martabano hold the COSN CETL and are experienced contemporary school district leaders. Participants in these sessions will;  1) Become familiar with the COSN Leadership Framework 2)Perform a skill pre assessment and gap analysis of their own skill and leadership to help identify areas for improvement for themselves and/or their technology team.  Engage in authentic task based learning activities 3)Tour the COSN CETL program materials and certification requirements. 4) Develop an action plan for the continuation of their leadership professional development.


Deep Dive into Coding Instruction - Launch a coding program!

Gordon Smith – Codesters


Dive deep into the code! Come to this hands-on workshop and leave with everything you need to launch a coding pilot in your school, regardless of your previous experience. You’ll practice assessment strategies and specific protocols that can help you manage a blended learning/ coding classroom. We’ll focus on a few key coding concepts that can help you: 1) Write your own effective code 2) Support your students as they begin to develop serious coding skills! Also, teachers will have the opportunity to explore cross-curricular coding project and understand how we start to integrate coding as a core literacy.


Coding Skills from Scratch!

Cheryl Tice – GST BOCES


Join us on a multimedia journey to discover coding basics using a tool called Scratch! Students of all ages can learn essential coding skills to create content-driven animated stories and games with MIT’s Scratch. As we work through the class activities, participants will learn the Scratch interface, explore and tweak an existing Scratch program, use electronic task cards to begin learning coding skills, and collaboratively work through writing a simple program together. As we dive into coding, we’ll also brainstorm project ideas and ways to use coding and computational thinking skills across the curriculum:


The Certified BrainPOP Educator Workshop (FREE!)

Marifran Demaine – BrainPOP


Registration Link (for BrainPOP workshop only)

BrainPOP is a more versatile resource than ever before, with a breadth of features and tools that extend far beyond movies and quizzes. From movie making and concept mapping to coding projects and learning games, we give students the chance to engage with our content on a deeper level. The Certified BrainPOP Educator program was developed in-house - by a team of former teachers - to help you and your students maximize your subscription. Its goal is to make you a more confident, competent, and creative BrainPOP user - and have fun while you do that. In this workshop, you'll get hands on experience using new BrainPOP features and tools. This experience will provide the foundation for certification.