New York State Association for Computers and Technologies in Education

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The annual conference is intended as a way for you to grow your professional capacity as a professional working in Education with a focus on technology.  Whether ed tech it is your primary role or an interest, the conference has a boat load of excursions for you to take advantage of.

Here are a few ideas and approaches to help you navigate the NYSCATE Conference:

Before the Conference

  1. Book your hotel room as they can fill up quickly.

  2. Download the conference app as a way to keep track of your travel plans while with us.  If you don’t use a mobile app, use your digital or paper calendar system to keep track of important sessions and events.

  3. Follow social media feeds for up to date info on upcoming events or changes and to begin networking with fellow conference travelers.

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  4. Review keynote speakers sessions and put those events on your planner first to be sure you don’t miss them.

  5. Review sessions in the pre-conference and regular conference catalogs and align session to your learning and networking goals. 

  6. Be flexible about which sessions you want to attend.  Identify a 1st and 2nd choice as sessions can fill up quickly.  Arriving early and adding the room location in your planner will help save time. 


During the Conference

  1. Upon arrival at the hotel, find a directory that shows you the route from the hotel to the Rochester Convention Center.

  2. When you arrive at the Convention Center you will see the check in and information areas in the main conference center lobby.  Get your conference materials and badge upon check in.  Take a moment to look at all of your materials and be sure you have all materials you expected.  If you have signed up for pre-conference event, you will have a ticket.  If you have volunteered to be a presider or presenter, you should have badge ribbons.  You may also have tickets for meals or events that aligned with the type of registration you signed up for. If you have problem, return to the check in booth for assistance, if not – enjoy your journey!

  3. Don’t be shy to talk to other conference attendees and session presenters.  That is what we are all there for.  Ask lots of questions and get business cards or other contact information from people you want to ping upon your return to your hometown.  You will meet so many new contacts, it is difficult to remember them all when you get back.

  4. Be sure to complete all session evaluations.  They are critical to assist in knowing what topics and presenters were the most effective for future events.

  5. Schedule time in your planner to visit the vendor floor.  There is plenty of free time in the conference schedule specifically for this and with such a large selection of vendors, it can be helpful to identify a focus to ensure you see things that are important first before looking at all of the amazing new products and services on display.

  6. Most of all have a wonderful time and don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from anyone you see.  New York educators are among the friendliest and you are among friends at NYSCATE!


After the Conference

  1. Follow up on any networking with attendees or vendors you made during the conference.

  2. Complete the overall conference evaluation form which will help the conference committee with next years’ event.