New York State Association for Computers and Technologies in Education

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Conference Chairperson   

Amy Perry-DelCorvo, NYSCATE

Corporate Forum Chairpersons 

Shelley Rossitto, Monticello CSD

Susan Zieres, Sullivan BOCES

Steve Andrus, BT BOCES

Mike Sylofski, NERIC

Ignite Chairperson   

Andrew Wheelock, Erie 1 BOCES, WNYRIC

Entertainment Chairperson   

Mary Howard, Grand Island CSD

Exhibitor Chairperson       

Deborah Baker, Brighton Central School District

Hospitality Chairperson    

Alison Blackwell, MORIC

Keynote Chairperson   

Andrea Tejedor, Highland Falls-Fort Montgomery CSD

Maker Event Chairperson    

Antonio Scordo, Erie #1 BOCES

Daniel Schneiderman, University of Rochester

Laurie Yeager, MORIC

Pat Rapp

Multimedia Chairperson    

Mark D’Annunzio, Monroe #1 BOCES

Hands-On Chairpersons 

Doreen Pietrantoni, Monroe #1 BOCES

Dana Bowers, Monroe #1 BOCES

Presider Chairpersons      

Michelle Okal, Erie #1 BOCES

Amy Spath, CNYRIC

Program Chairpersons   

Carm Seitz, NYSCATE    

Amy Balling, Lancaster CSD

Registration Chairpersons      

Mary Beth Odre, Cheektowaga-Sloan School District 

Scholarship Chairperson   

Parker Ormerod- Monroe #1 BOCES

Social Media Chairpersons  

Jonathan Redeker, Goshen CSD

Mark Giufre, Wildwood Programs

Mark D’Annunzio, Monroe #1 BOCES

Technical Support Chairperson   

Dustin Andrus, BT BOCES

Bill Reynolds, NYSCATE