New York State Association for Computers and Technologies in Education

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Annual Conference Certification Courses

November 7, 14, & 28

Certification courses will be held virtually and require pre-registration and additional fees. All courses facilitated by approved certification professionals.

ISTE Certification 

November 7, 14, & 28

$675 with Annual Conference Registration   $699 Certification only

ISTE is focused on pedagogy, not tools. It’s not about edtech per se, it’s about what you do with the tech to transform learning and improve student outcomes.

Through the ISTE Certification process, teachers will participate in professional learning based on the ISTE Standards and transformative pedagogy. After completing the training, participants have six months to apply their learning and compile artifacts and reflections into a competency-based portfolio to earn ISTE Certification

Facilitator: Alana Winnick

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Microsoft MIE Trainer Academy  

November 7 & 14

$175 with Annual Conference Registration   $199 Certification only

K-12 teacher trainers responsible for delivering professional development training- Join us for the Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Trainer Academy to learn more about Microsoft’s hottest tools and resources to empower your teachers and students to achieve more! 

Attend this 2-day in-depth professional learning experience to learn how to maximize the use of Windows and take an immersive deep dive into the new Microsoft Classroom in O365 for Education. You will get the opportunity to explore tools such as OneNote Class Notebooks,, Microsoft Forms, Sway, and Office Mix, including how to provide teachers and students with learning experiences beyond the 4 walls of the classroom using Skype in the Classroom and the online Microsoft Educator Community.  

*This  workshop is a Train-the-Trainer model and will provide you with the skills and materials necessary for you to redeliver Microsoft in Education training to other educators.

Facilitator: Mark Henkels - Lakeland Schools

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Class Craft Certified Trainer 

November 7 

$79 with Annual Conference Registration   $99 Certification only

Classcraft helps educators inspire and empower children to reach their full potential by creating engaging, collaborative learning experiences that can easily switch between in-person and remote learning environments. With Classcraft, you gamify your classroom to offer students a learning experience that is culturally relevant and, most importantly, a lot of fun! We also help educators foster a strong community among students and teachers, connect with parents, and offer support to the students who need it most.

Now, more than ever, it’s important that we work together so that every student has a chance to thrive.We hope you’ll join us! We’re excited to work with you to unlock the potential of your remote learning plan and to make your teaching and learning environment as engaging as possible. 

Bootcamp Details: In this Full day boot camp, educators will learn how to use Classcraft to bring your curriculum to life with interactive quizzes, storytelling, and playful features that keep students excited and motivated to learn while making it easier for you to promote positive behavior


Morning: Enhance both the teaching and learning experience with this intro session to Classcraft. We’ll develop an understanding of what Classcraft is, how it can gamify your Classroom,  and how to set up a teacher account setup. 

  • Why is intrinsic motivation so important? How can games be leveraged to drive it? 
  • Classcraft basics setting up classes 
  • Goal setting

Afternoon: Our epic journey continues with Day 2 as participants explore the benefits of personalized learning and the basics of the fun adventure of Classcraft Quests. 

  • Principles of personalized learning
  • Introduction to quests
  • Classcraft  Marketplace &  Story mode

After the Session: Self Paced Work: After the live session, participants will continue the learning enrolled in a Quest. Participants will experience a deep dive into Classcraft Quests as they learn time-saving tips for creating and managing a differentiated learning environment where both teachers and students thrive!

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Makey Makey Literacy Certification

November 7

$149 with Annual Conference Registration   $175 Certification only

Get ready for a fun hands-on workshop where you’ll learn how to teach Invention Literacy, Making, and Design Thinking  using the award winning Makey Makey invention kit used by educators in all 50 states and around the world and featured in TED talks.

Makey Makey started out as a project that was initiated by two students at MIT Media Lab under the advisorship of Mitch Resnick and is an academic and artistic project. Now it’s both a business and a project with thousands of community collaborators, with more joining the ranks of inventors everyday.

Facilitator: Parker Ormerod - Monroe One

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Google Trainer

November 7

$129 with Annual Conference Registration   $149 Certification only

Let’s Rock out Google together! Now that you have your Level 1 and Level 2 Certifications (or are on your way to having them), what is next? TRAINER! Come join us for a one-day institute that will prepare you for applying for the Certified Google Trainer Application. Learn how to Apply Google tricks and applications to the classroom as well as proper training techniques and skills to move educators beyond the basics with Google. After this  training, participants will have the skills needed to take their skills assessment as well as be on their way with the materials needed for their application.

Facilitator: Laurie Guyon - WSWHE BOCES

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Minecraft EDU

November 14

$79 with Annual Conference Registration   $99 Certification only

Minecraft: Education Edition is an open world game that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem solving in an immersive environment where the only limit is your imagination. During this 1-day, Virtual Teacher Academy, you will receive an overview of Minecraft: Education Edition, learn to play the game, and create curriculum and classroom resources you can take back to your classroom and continue your journey. 

Facilitator: Antonio Scordo - Erie 1 BOCES/NYSCATE

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Get Certified with NearPod  

November 14

$79 with Annual Conference Registration   $99 Certification only

In this special session, you will understand how to become a Nearpod Certified Educator and utilize strategies to help transform your physical or virtual classroom with Nearpod. You will learn about the navigation of the platform, best pedagogical practices using Nearpod, and gain an understanding of how to add and use interactive activities. In developing this fluency, you will also be able to comfortably utilize Nearpod in a variety of classroom contexts. Once becoming a Nearpod Certified Educator, you will be able to connect with other Nearpod Certified Educators around the world, grow as an Ed Tech leader and receive extra support and resources from Nearpod. Participants will receive a certificate and a digital badge upon completion. 

Note: This workshop is for administrators, professional development leaders, and teachers who have prior experience creating lessons in Nearpod and have previously launched Nearpod lessons with learners.

Facilitator: Laurie Guyon - WSWHE BOCES

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