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sal DeAngelo headshot
Board Position
President Elect
Chatham Central School District
Capital Region

About Sal

Dr. Sal DeAngelo is currently the Chief Technology and Information Officer for the Bethlehem Central School District, located just outside Albany. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology from SUNY Polytechnic Institute, a MBA from Norwich University, a CAS from the College of Saint Rose in Educational Administration and a Doctorate in Educational Administration from the Sage College of Albany. As a leader in the field of instructional technology, Sal continues to successfully direct and institute an array of technology programs in an environment that includes more than 4,700 students and 450 educators. 

He previously managed technology projects in the Schenectady City School District for more than 25 years and has been a strong force behind some of the programs and opportunities which continue to thrive in Capital Region Schools today. Sal has served as an ‘expert in the field’ and continues to be a resource to area schools and school districts throughout the state. He served as Project Director for a national grant program–Project VIEW– a U.S. Department of Education Technology Innovation Challenge Grant, the NYS Virtual Learning Space Grant and several Learning Technology Grant Projects while serving in the Schenectady City School District. In July, he will assume the new role of Superintendent in the Chatham Central School District located in Columbia County.

Personal Mission

“Preparing our students for the wide variety of challenges they will encounter in their educational pursuits and careers. The effective use of data to inform instructional and management decisions.”

The difference NYSCATE makes

“The professional development we offer combined with the opportunities we create for the sharing of best practices through a strong network of highly professional, resourceful and passionate educators.”

“NYSCATE has afforded me a broader vantage point and connection to New York State and national programs and models for effective educational technology utilization.”

Little Known Fact

“I have been a professional photographer and owner of a photography studio.”

Great Accomplishment

“With NYSCATE: I was part of the Board that expanded our staff to include a full time Professional Development Coordinator. Professionally: Earning my doctorate in Educational Leadership and becoming a Superintendent.”

sal DeAngelo headshot

An Inspiring Quote

We cannot become what we would like to be by remaining what we are.
Max DePree, Leadership is an Art, 1987