New York State Association for Computers and Technologies in Education

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Board Position
NYC Director
Manhattan College
New York City

As a NYSCATE Board Member, I plan to be a thoughtful, proactive, full participating representative of current members while encouraging new membership to build a strong voice for educational technology issues in our state. We are at a unique time where our children are in a new digital divide that is less about access and more about the ability to use technology effectively. I hope to bring all voices to the table to enable change for all sides of the conversation: K-12 who use the products, corporate who makes the products, non-profit who extend the products and higher education who prepare new practitioners with products.

My position as Director of Instructional Design and Delivery at Manhattan College puts me in a unique position to craft how higher education trains our future teachers. We can continue to make significant inroads through training practitioners, but we must move into influencing new teachers before the reach the classroom.  I have a proven track record of graduating new talent into classroom, non-profit, corporate and higher education teaching rounding out all areas that affect our students.

I value humility and the ability to listen.  I weigh each and every voice and will make decisions based on building a better space in the future for our students.


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