New York State Association for Computers and Technologies in Education

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Election Timeline

February: Anticipated vacancies are announced to the membership. The Nominating Committee is formed with at least 3 non-board members and one board member to act in an advisory capacity. The main responsibility of the Nominating Committee is to put together a slate of candidates at least equal to the number of vacant positions. The candidate application is posted on the NYSCATE website.

March 15: Applications are due by no later than March 15.

May 1: Nominating Committee Chair informs the applicants of the accepted slate of candidates. 

May 15 -May 31: Electronic voting takes place by all NYSCATE members.

June: Election results are announced during the Board of Directors Annual Meeting and to the membership following the annual meeting.


NYSCATE Board of Director Responsibilities


The following positions are up for election for the 2020-2021 year:

2 - At-Large Board Positions - 3 year term

1- Southern Tier Regional Director - 3 year term

1- North Country Regional Director - 3 year term

1- NYC - 3 year term 

1 -Long Island - 2 year term