New York State Association for Computers and Technologies in Education

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Meet the candidates for the 2019-20 Board of Directors below, then vote!

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Long Island Regional Director (1 seat, 3-year term)

  • Molly Licalzi  It is with great passion and enthusiasm that I respectfully submit my application to serve as a NYSCATE Director for the Long Island region.  NYSCATE is committed to transforming teaching and learning and to provide our children with an education that prepares them for their future no matter what road they travel.  I am deeply committed to this same mission. My interest in serving on the NYSCATE Board of Directors stems from my work and passion for everyone within the educational community including students, teachers, administrators, school district BOE trustees, NYSED, community stakeholders and our vendor partners.  

    I have over nineteen years in the educational field with ten years in administration.  My professional journey in education started in 1999 at Eastern Suffolk BOCES as a Teacher Integration Specialist for the Model Schools Program.  I was promoted in 2006 to my first administrative position at Eastern Suffolk BOCES as Assistant Coordinator for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Services.  In 2008, I accepted another promotion as Coordinator for Curriculum and Assessment. During this time, I have been afforded the opportunity to develop my leadership and problem-solving skills across various roles in the agency.  In 2011, the agency assigned the Model Schools Program and the Distance Learning Programs under my supervision in addition to leading my other programs. During this time, I have established valuable working relationships with school district administrators and travel to other BOCES across the state for continued collaboration. I coordinate professional development opportunities for administrators, teachers and support personnel through grant programs and district funded programs.  I also supervise grant funded programs to provide progressive integration of instructional technology in classrooms and virtual learning initiatives.

    My unique experience providing shared support services for 51 component school districts on Eastern Long Island will be a valuable asset to the NYSCATE leadership team.  I also work very closely with Nassau and Western BOCES to create services for the entire island. I work with many departments within the agencies to provide coordinated services and programs for our component school districts and communities.  

    Thank you for taking the time to consider me for this position.  If elected to the NYSCATE Board of Directors, I promise to bring a deep commitment to contributing to the high caliber of this current organization.


Hudson Valley Regional Director (1 seat, 3-year term)

  • Arthur Schouten Having been involved in education for nearly 20 years, I have witnessed the rapid evolution of instructional technology and its impact on education firsthand. We are now living in a digital age where information is literally a click away. As an educational technology-minded leader, I strive to ensure that our teachers have the appropriate resources and training necessary. Having regularly attended NYSCATE events for nearly 10 years, I have learned the value in collaboration; I have learned the value of learning from others, from sharing ideas, and thinking differently. As a NYSCATE board member, I want to continue to inspire others as I have been inspired by those who have come before me. I want to help ignite that spark and help bring new ideas to one's classroom. I want to help ignite that spark in that teacher or that student who wants to transform learning for themselves and those around them.

  • Andrea Tejedor  For the past 18 years, I have been part of the education system in the Hudson Valley as an elementary school teacher, professional development specialist for instructional technology, regional leader for edtech initiatives, and state-wide proponent of digital literacy. I would be honored to represent the Hudson Valley as a member of the Board of Directors of the New York State Associate for Computers and Technologies in Education and support the association’s mission of leading the transformation of teaching and learning through technology. My interest in joining the Board of Directors is two-fold. First, I am particularly interested in how technology has the potential to improve and support equity in education. Throughout our region, there is disparate access and actuation of technology leading to issues of equity that have left some students unable to access information, resources and/or audiences to support their learning. Their struggle in achievement may not be the result of grasping the material, but be related to issues of geography, race, gender, ethnicity, language and/or economics.

    The second reason I would like to join the Board of Directors is to support professional development models that are being used to enhance teacher capacity and cultivate pedagogical innovation in our schools. How are teachers assuming leadership positions and influencing change in their schools and districts? What informal and formal structures are in place to encourage the development of teacher leaders? How do teacher leaders share their knowledge and vision to support student engagement and improve learning outcomes? In both instances, I support the exploration of how technology is used to extend the physical limits of the classroom for student and teacher access to non-traditional instructional interactions. Can we use the technologies to bridge classrooms and discuss the cultural, historical, social and political structures of our communities and begin to understand our role in a local, regional and global context?  Equity in access to innovations in technology and pedagogy may be the key in establishing an equal playing field for our students.

    By engaging in this work collaboratively with regional peers, my vision is to support the identification of existing practices in schools that promote equity and access, to encourage the integration of these practices within the existing curriculum, and to examine how to deepen and widen them, scale them up, and support them.

  • Susan Zieres Technology is vastly changing the blueprint of education, creating an exciting time to be on the forefront of many educational opportunities. I believe serving on the NYSCATE board is the best way to use my experience to aide in the transformation of how students, teachers and administrators use technology in their schools, as well as their daily lives.  My current role has allowed me the opportunity to integrate technology so that schools are creating an engaging, student-centered environment through professional development experiences. I feel that my experience and enthusiasm would make me a strong candidate on your board.


At Large Director (2 seats, 3-year terms)

  • Sal De Angelo  As a superintendent of schools, former Chief Technology Officer and a current NYSCATE Board member, I feel I can provide meaningful contributions to the health of the organization by continuing to promote the accomplishments and positive attributes of the organization. As an educator with 30+ years' experience leading and coordinating programs in K-12 urban, suburban and rural schools, I have a vast amount of experiences and lessons learned to contribute to the collaborative efforts of this highly functioning Board of Directors. I am a passionate business minded educator that believes creating trusted relationships and integrity form the foundation for successful leadership. I believe I am highly resourceful and use strategic planning and decision-making, collaboration and data to empower and inspire those I lead to reach desired goals and objectives. I hold high expectations for myself, other educators and our students as we prepare them for future educational and career opportunities in a global economy. I would be humbled to continue for a third term as an At-Large Director and ask that you support my opportunity to do so. Thank you and warm regards, Sal

  • Steve Andrus NYSCATE has become my ED Tech family.  The relationships and care expressed by NYSCATE Leadership, the Board of Directors, and members have personally become more important than just a line on a resume or business card.  I’ve learned so much through my involvement through volunteering. Others should consider the outstanding benefits of volunteering their time in the organization.

    There are many exciting outcomes realized by those utilizing educational technology, but I am extremely encouraged when teachers are personally successful with ED Tech, which can directly impact their teaching, and when students can utilize ED Tech tools in a way that opens their eyes to the learning that surrounds them.

    I have been supporting educational technology for over 30 years.  Currently, I serve as the Assistant Director of the South Central Regional Information Center in Binghamton, where I support districts with multiple technology services and also serve as the Director of Managed Technology Services for the Norwich City School District.

    Giving of my time on the NYSCATE Board of Directors has allowed me to serve more than just the teachers and students in my area of the state, but also to be a part of supporting professionals state-wide in their pursuit of successful teaching and learning with technology.  I have served on the Board of Directors for close to 15 years and have been extremely fortunate to serve as the past Annual Conference Tech Support Chair, the current Annual Conference Corporate Council Co-chair, and the past President of NYSCATE. Your vote of support for me in an At-Large position would be very appreciated as I look to continue to serve the members of NYSCATE.


Central NY Regional Director (1 seat, 2-year term)

  • Mark Muller I haven’t always wanted to be a teacher.  I started my career as a Business Major and completed a degree in Business Administration.  I then went into the Coast Guard for 6 years. I became a college professor and started on my journey as an educator.  I then ended up at Los Alamos National Laboratory doing research before being pulled back into education again when two of my three children were diagnosed with Autism.  I then wanted to explore everything about Autism and started on my journey in Sever and Profound Disabilities. This is the best way to learn how individuals learn and develop.  

    While I was undergoing this transformation, I was working in computer courses and math in a high school.  This helped me become a better teacher, and I realized that I wanted to share this quest with others and promptly became a certified teacher in New York State in Science.  Working with students allowed me to see the evolution of the schools and how technology was being used and not used from multiple perspectives, and that computer technology and computers in the classroom possessed a congenial atmosphere where teachers and students mingled and exchanged ideas concerning critical thinking, successes and failures. As I developed lessons in Robotics and Coding around current job opportunities in our region and speaking with employers, I learned the true meaning of teaching and as I watched my students progress, I enjoyed their progress as much as they did.

    As I witnessed the academic environment around me, I wanted to become more involved in addition to collaborating with as many professionals as possible.  After attending many NYSCATE events I found myself enjoying interacting with many individuals. I started to notice I have twin interests, working with students and adults that have a perspective as my own.  

    Now, I look forward to helping others take part in the enjoyable world of education and my love for the use of technology, robotics and coding.  This is truly an enjoyable academic world that I have witnessed and would love to share. Being a member of NYSCATE Central Region Director would help me do just that.

  • Bonnie Nobiling I have been a NYSCATE member since 2005, when the annual conference was just up the road from me in Albany. I have watched this organization grow and improve in the quality and quantity of offerings that are now much broader than the annual conference.  As our digital lives become increasingly sophisticated and powerful, NYSCATE’s ability to help our educators and educational support staff keep current and relevant is so valued. When our district partnered with NYSCATE to host a local conference in 2018, I realized first-hand just how impactful local access is to our rural schools.  So many teachers in our region have no idea what NYSCATE can offer. We watched so many teaching professionals literally light up during our local NYSCATE event. Furthermore, the post-conference glow endures much longer when a larger contingent has been involved and can carry-on those new-idea conversations longer after returning to “regularly scheduled programming”.  As a board member, I would like to focus on growing regional offerings across the state, especially in rural areas. In so doing, we help to reduce the digital divide that our own professional staff may experience. As we escalate the instructional technology knowledge in our professional staff, we naturally escalate the quality of our student instructional technology usage and capabilities.


North Country Regional Director (1 seat, 1-year term)

  • Michelle Burke   My name is Michelle Burke, and I am currently an Instructional Technology Specialist at Madrid-Waddington Central School district, a rural, one-building district that serves approximately seven hundred students, grades Universal PreKindergarten through twelve. I have been with the Madrid-Waddington Central School district for nineteen years; fourteen as a fifth-grade teacher and five as an Instructional Technology Specialist. I would like to serve on the NYSCATE Board of Directors as a representative of Northern New York because it will allow me to bring a perspective to the board that is demonstrative of the  North Country and its schools. Over the years, I have worked with colleagues in several North Country schools on collaborative projects, and have made connections in many schools as an educator. Staying current with new technologies in education will allow me to be a conduit of information to Northern New York schools but also to bring more events to the North Country and its constituents. I have the vision and drive to work with other technology leaders across the State to foster innovative practices in teaching and learning with technology in our schools.

  • Deb Van Slyke (Duffy) I am a lifelong innovator and learner. Educational technology has been integral in every aspect of my life and career – “growth-mindset” at its best!

    Our “why” are the students – ALL learners reaching their fullest potential through multiple pathways to graduation. Academically rigorous student-centered, personalized learning opportunities that include the infusion of educational technology and digital citizenship for students will move them toward the end goal of 21st Century – College and Career Readiness upon commencement. Collaboration with all stakeholders is an essential element of this work. Active engagement in all aspects of the educational process, celebrating successes and most importantly being an active listener are critical elements for the sustainability and expansion of educational technology curriculum development and instruction.

    In my roles as Director of Curriculum & Instruction for Clinton and Central Valley Central School Districts and as an Educational Data Specialist for the Mohawk RIC (MORIC), I am confident that the culmination of my experiences as an educational technology leader, curriculum & instruction specialist, my desire for new learning experiences, will be an asset in support of NYSCATE’s growth and mission as an organization.
    Little Known Fact: As an innovative health educator, I designed and facilitated the first online High School Health course in NYS using Blackboard v.2.0 (1999-2000) through the early days of wireless, the end of the baud rate era and of course “dial up.”


Voting is now open until May 31, 2019

Election Timeline

February: Anticipated vacancies are announced to the membership. The Nominating Committee is formed with at least 3 non-board members and one board member to act in an advisory capacity. The main responsibility of the Nominating Committee is to put together a slate of candidates at least equal to the number of vacant positions. The candidate application is posted on the NYSCATE website.

March 15: Applications are due by no later than March 15.

May 1: Nominating Committee Chair informs the applicants of the accepted slate of candidates. 

May 15 -May 31: Electronic voting takes place by all NYSCATE members.

June: Election results are announced during the Board of Directors Annual Meeting and to the membership following the annual meeting.