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21 Century Learning Design Camp

Date & Time
february 07, 2018 -
february 08, 2018

LHRIC:Lower Hudson RIC
450 Mamaroneck Ave
Harrison, NY 10528
United States

Pricing & Registration

$195 per course

Includes all materials and lunch

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About the Camp

This program gives teachers from any discipline or student age group the tools to build 21st century skills into their lessons. In addition, it provides a common language and framework to help teachers build complementary skill development opportunities across the curriculum, and provides a process for ongoing teacher collaboration around 21st century instructional design.

The core of 21CLD is a hands-on workshop to introduce the dimensions of 21CLD and then to allow teachers to try out the ideas in their classrooms and discuss the results. In the work-shop setting, teachers work together using research-based definitions, rubrics, and lesson examples to recognize and design instruction that supports

*Please bring a device to work on for the day. Suggested Devices: PC, MAC, 
Tablet Computer and a Surface*


Behind the Research

There is growing agreement in many countries that students need more than rote subject matter understanding to succeed in this 
rapidly-changing world: instead, they need to be skilled at collaborating, constructing deep subject-matter knowledge, solving real-world 
problems, using information and communication technologies (ICT) in powerful ways, and a host of other “21st century skills” that 
traditional schooling mod-els rarely promote. 21CLD helps teachers build opportunities for students to develop these skills in their 
classroom. The tools and frame-works of 21CLD are rooted in a multinational SRI-led research program called ITL (Innovative Teaching and Learning) Re-search and in decades of learning sciences research on how teaching strategies can enable more powerful subject matter Learning.

Research Information

Event Schedule

Day 1 Agenda

9:00AMIntroductions and Overview
9:15Introduction to 21st Century Skills
10:30Collaboration- What is Collaboration?
11:30Collaboration Activity
1:15Collaboration in Action
2:30Knowledge Construction- What is Knowledge Construction?
3:15Knowledge Construction Activity
4:00Wrap up and Day 2 Overview

Day 2 Agenda

9:00AMRecap of Day 1
9:15Knowledge Construction in Action
10:30Use of ICT in Learning
11:30Exploring ICT for Learning
1:15ICT for Learning in Action
2:30Continued Learning and other 21st Century Skills
4:00Wrap up and Final Evaluation

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