New York State Association for Computers and Technologies in Education

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What is NYSCATE?

Fostering collaborative efforts to integrate technologies in instruction

NYSCATE has drawn strength and support from its talented and diverse membership since 1965. With a current membership of over 29,000 members, all regions of the state are represented in our community teachers, administrators, school board members, parents, consultants and the business community. NYSCATE prides itself on bringing people together to learn and grow from each other. This is true in a physical sense, such as a conference or regional event, as well as virtually, with the incredible expertise and generosity of our members.  If we can help in any way, simply reach out and let us know.

Together, we will all get through this.

Annual Conference  

November 21-24, 2020


Everything you have come to love and expect from the Annual NYSCATE Conference is still taking place, just a bit different this year as the event and activities will be offered completely online!  

Experience over 120 presentations delivered by educators and technology experts over the four-day period, and dive-deep into learning with certification workshops and four nationally known keynote speakers!

Big Changes for the 2020 Conference:

  • Certification Classes will take place on November 7 & 14 with a reduced price for conference attendees, but also members can attend just the certification sessions if they choose.
  • Corporate Focus Groups will take place during the entire month of November, which will allow attendees to focus on the sessions once the conference begins.
  • The Conference Schedule has been adjusted with additional sessions offered on Saturday and Sunday, with recordings of sessions available for a full year after the conference!
  • The 3D Virtual Exhibit Hall will be open throughout the event, with selected times for one on one conversations with company representatives.
  • Regional Meetings and Content Area Rooms will be open during lunch times for attendees to engage in conversations
  • Swag Shop will be up and running prior to the conference so you can order ahead and wear your NYSCATE gear during the event!
  • Social Media contests will be as active as ever including a statewide GooseChase.
  • Four incredible keynote speakers to inspire and reflect on.
  • Sustainability sessions will be offered, continuing our efforts to support a better planet.
  • Trivia Night and fun social events will be offered during the evenings!

And many more surprises along the way!

Full Brochure available now - click on brochure:


NYSCATE is a convener, and we LOVE getting together at our Annual Conference every year and spending face to face time with our members.  This is what we do and we are excited to make the most of it, showcasing incredible members, innovative technology and critical integration strategies from fellow educators.  This is our current state, but we are are still here, stronger than ever and ready to welcome you all home to NYSCATE.


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Board Room

Learning on Demand

Looking for assistance with a particular app or product?  Look no further!  NYSCATE has captured a large number of hour-long webinars and they are available wherever and whenever you need them.  The office hours are delivered in one-hour increments with experts fielding key questions from educators as they ramp up for remote learning.

This list will continue to be updated on a weekly basis.  Feel free to share the links with others!

Webinar Archives              Office Hours

Who is NYSCATE? You are NYSCATE!

Meet the people that work together to make NYSCATE run and learn how to become involved

Board Of Directors

NYSCATE is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) corporation that is governed by an elected board of directors. The NYSCATE Board of Directors is composed of 15 volunteers representing every geographic region of New York State. The board provides strategic leadership and fiduciary oversight as it works to ensure progress toward organizational goals.

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Leadership Team

The NYSCATE Leadership Team works closely with the Board of Directors to serve our members and ensure excellent organizational performance. The team is made up of the organization’s CEO/Executive Director, Coordinator of Professional Learning Services, and Director of Operations, who support the nonprofit by leading and assisting in various areas.

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Become More Involved

Many of our volunteers become involved is by participating in the Annual Conference or a regional event as a presenter, presider, or a committee member. There are also many virtual ways to be involved, like reviewing grant and award applications, program selection through RFPs or social media. Unique opportunities include participating in focus groups with our Corporate Council or representing NYSCATE at events.

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Why volunteer?

Consider joining our team–our foundation is built on like-minded individuals working together!

There are many parts of the state where your involvement could mean a great deal to local communities and school districts with a desire to share your experience and knowledge.

When you volunteer with NYSCATE, you'll get:
  • The opportunity to give back by making a difference to the people in your community
  • The opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge
  • The opportunity to meet like-minded colleagues from all over New York
  • Your voice heard